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MIMUTES. OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />. COUXCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR <br />F!EETZMG HELD DECEIBER 14thy l(33Ae <br />The meeting 7'18s ca,llcd to order tqy the Pres-ldent, B. To <br />The minutes OB the meeting OP November 9th were read and, <br />E. 8. Harris a.ppeared before 'the Council and stated that <br />Emersonp all members being present. <br />a on motlon, approved, <br />the offer of $125eOO for damages on Brookside Avenue vas too <br />~OTT, and further stated that he consid-ered $f75900 to be a fair <br />G, ?I. Swhs stated that he vould accept $60,00 daritages <br />damElg@ <br />providfnrr the grade of the street mas not chz.npd In front of <br />MF pr opGrty. <br />C. B. Yancq made 8 motion that E. I?. Harris be offered <br />?S,5OeQO dmwges, and that G. IvI* Sa.chs be offered $55.00. The motion cawedg and E, Sl. Harris and G. PI. Sachs accep"tsC 'the <br />Onfw 9s rra-dc, <br /> of E. TT. Harris for $15OeOO and G. PI, Sachs for $55.@0, and. fop JohE Jorgensen for $475.00, and that they be held by %he clerk until. 8, deed vas given. Notion carrfed. <br />A pIz'% of South Addition to AdaPIh Yeshurwn GemeterJr vas piresented to the Couricil, and on mot-ion of' Paul Tifnd, the plat <br />Trustee vessey made a motion that VJBYOPZil~S ha Z,n&v- fn <br />Tms cccepled. <br />The fo2loning bills were audited and allorred: <br />RoRd mgrk <br />11 'I <br />Road 'Patrolman Rofd mg~k <br />Cross ing Salary and postage <br />Committee rrork s%ree% Hghtlng Dampes <br />I1 <br />72 00 I" <br />72 00 ti 48 00 &,/ 93 00 .J 42 00 u' <br />96 00 i-' <br />64 00 \ ' <br />24 00 J 21 oov' 43 50d 42 OOV 29 3.6 <br />50 00 <br />7 50 L.8 <br />56 881 <br />475 00 d <br />There beFng no Puther business meetlng adjou-rned.