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The C0wnci.l met at the hall and. wa8 called to order by tke President, <br />H. G. Oastad. 811 members mere presenfr and answered to the roll call. <br />The minuties of the meeting of December 14th 29.18 mere read and approved, <br />there being no meeting of the comci3, in January. <br />Acomncation fram the Uianeapolis & St Paul Suburban Railway Company <br />was read to the council inwhich it was, stated that the President of the <br />6ompany would be glad to meet with the Village Offiaials to discuss the <br />safety of the various railway crossings in the Village of Edina. <br />Trustee Wind made a motion that the Clerk mke an appointment with the <br />Railway offioials to meet wi%h the Council to disousa the safety of the <br />Brsmdale and Blake crossings. !Phe motion carfied. <br />Trustee Qessey, chairman of the mad and bridge comi.'f;tee, repobted on <br />the ri&t of my for a 4x10 rod road through the property of !?has Ryan. The <br />petitian called for a road two rods wide along the &st line of the I?.\?'. 9 <br />of the N.N. 5 of Section 8 Tamship 116 Rae 21, the East line of said tvo <br />rod road to be the East line of the 40 acre tmat. The report stated thdi <br />!i?hazl. Byan would accept Y50OeO0 for the right of way if the Village would <br />build a uattle pass under the road. Ryan Eitated 'chat he would his om <br />f enc ing. <br />Tmzstee 17izxI mde a motion that the report of the committee be accepted4 <br />and that the Clerknotify Er. R C Hoore of the result, The motion carried. <br />%e President appointed the following as Judges and Clerks of Elec%ion. <br />. 23