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25 <br />Tho zitnutes of ths preaesding me%ing were read and approved, as <br />TC& D <br />Emtin Tingale pramn-ted. the plat of i~Eol?ilslplEzale Thin3 Addition" for acceptaxe by the Council, He filed a'bomrd with the Comcil <br />Lo cover the grading of '~h8 streets in the <br />mde a rrotlon %Bat the Plat and Bond be acepted, The motion carriedp <br />aiIdi%iQn aEil 'I'nustEe Winf3 <br />A patition vas presented to the council requesting the name <br />of Halifax Avenue be changed to Homewood Avenue, !he petition was i" <br />refer& to the Road and Bridge comi%tee. <br />5 petitionvas premnted for a street light at the inlersectioa of <br />"irttomm aveme a-nd Eendslssohn Road- and also one light a% the EIirror <br />Lske crossing an5 the Mendelfisahn Road, The petition was refer& to <br />committee on public Utilities, <br />A petition was presentea for a sidmmlk and. crossings on Smmyside <br />Avenao elso for sidewalk on Curwe avenue. Ths petithon ws mEcrelT to <br />tho Road mil Bridze committeem <br />Tho following appointments vere made for the yearo Dr4 Jmeo Blake <br />178s n-ppointed zs Bealth Officer. WR hdessonwm appoinbd 8 member <br />of the Soar8 of Health for three years, George S Grimes VELB appointst3 <br />as Village AWomey, The Hemepin County Enteqrioe vas desigmhd. as <br />the official paper for the yesr, <br />!Et10 quostion of the appoinbent of the Strset Commissioner vas <br />takm up and on motion it was decid-ea to cast an infoma1 ba3.loP; for <br />ths nomination, Five ballots were cast for V S Joy for street comiaaisner <br />On motion %he infomml ballot was'made formal and 1'; S Joy was appoint&. <br />Stwet comissionero <br />Tmateo l71118- made a motion that the Clerk bo paid $lS,OO a nonth <br />fur his semicc~~ Carrie&, <br />%he Prasidsnt appoinksd the following comit%ees. <br />EOdf) .LI\D BRIDGE - Geo D Vessey - chairman <br />Paul Vind <br />S C Herrett. <br />P-~LICI UTIfiITIES- C E Yancsy <br />II r, Ona'czd <br />Paul Vind. <br />- chairman <br />.