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27 <br />!ko ni%tin*g mas called to order by the President, R,G.Oasted, all <br />mmbirs being presente The mimtes of the meeting of April 12th vere read <br />an8 on notion approved. <br />li petition mts presented for the opening and grading of Bwson Avenue <br />and was on motion refered to the Road and Bridge committee, <br />A petition t?m presented for a sidmia1k and curb & ga'ctons on the West <br />side of Frame Avenue from a point mx%b 230 3% South of the LE, comer of <br />Zomingaide Milition to Nomingside Road. A nwnber of persons vere heard <br />on tho pestion of tke petition and after some consideration it was <br />rofemd $0 the Toad and Bridge comiit%ee, <br />Die report of the Road and Bridge committee vas presentea vith <br />recommendations and. ~m motion the report mas accepted. as read e& placed <br />oa file. <br />A ctmplaint was inade to the Caweil that a fence mxi ha3 been construct& <br />in the road limits on 44th street in front of property ovmed by Olivor <br />SErono and. also along the proper* owned b~ C.?.Peterson, and. a request was <br />made -that some action be taken to have same rejmoved, Paul Vind- rnnde a. <br />motion thzt the matter be sefered to %he Road and Bridge comit%ce, <br />Ipkre motion carried, <br />%it? question of grading Grimes Avenue South of 44th street %a8 faken <br />up an& discussed, Trustee Vessey made a motion that the FrasideiiC take <br />up tke question of securing the right of way for the street wf'th the <br />property ormers and. report on same at the June meeting, The motion vms <br />second.ed and carried. <br />Tlio followins bills tvere au.8.ited and allowed, <br />Uacl: Peterson <br />Jzimes Ryan <br />John Olineer <br />John Tracy <br />Arnold Wiind v, s 0 Joy <br />Pad Tlilfa <br />S?C,Herrett <br />Geo vessey <br />Npls Gen Elec Co <br />Eussoll Grad-er Nf.5 Co. <br />Bren Brothers <br />Bertelson Bros. <br />Ole Larson <br />3d Anlerson <br />Road Vor3.; <br />It <br />tt <br />Pt <br />$9 <br />tt <br />tt <br />it <br />11 <br />Street Lights <br />4 horse <br />Commissioners supplies <br />Supplies <br />Roqd vork <br />¶t <br />Thsrs being no further business the meeting adjonsned e