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28 <br />. <br />A request ms nt,.lle for 2 street light on the corner oP Bronson dvonue <br />aft Griaes 3~emt3. request vas referod to the Public TXilitiez cornitlea <br />k setition vas present& for the open5ng ana gradin2 of Griws Avo. *. S. <br />be%veen 44th street and 45th street <br />an8 for a street light at the corner of Grimes cve-aue an3 85Yfi streot. The <br />petition ms placed on file and TrmstOs Tiinit mtie a rrstfon thclt tho Clerk <br />notify the prqerty omers to meet with the council July 14th rs;-mdinS <br />the right of t?ay for openins Grimes :.venue . The motion carri&* <br />ad also for the ga*a$..Sng of Gi;h street <br />A potition txis present& for a sidemlk on the Yest sirls of Trance <br />avenue ITorHi of 1:orningside Road, On motion of Trustee Vessq tiic petitione9 <br />t~as refuse3 for tWi.3 par.