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29 <br />!The Ccnincil met at -&e hall an8 mas called to ortler b2 the Presid-ent, <br />Ir G Caste$, all merri3ers responcled tu the roll call. The minutes of the <br />meetiny aP Juae 14%k were read- and appGVe&o <br />'?eaic?en?;s alsn? tke proposed- extension of Grimes ere prcsent an3 <br />the pestion cf d.mayes vas taken up. Geo VoodXng stated 'chat he fm~d <br />103 3x4 frontaye and considered. that .:~lOO.OO wc~.uld be a fzir damgee <br />Pe also st,@ted that he represented H F Crandall, who oms 219 feet <br />f rant=-e and that he 'thouyht Grandall wonlct acca-pt +,$Y33.00 dcura~yco <br />on the Esse side of the proposed. extension, a d.istance of 364 feet, ai1d <br />-x~ald ZLCC~~~ .:100.00 darneges for Smee <br />I? LeersIrov ststed that he owned. or controlled all of %fie frontago