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30 <br />:-'IIT2ES Or M2 PRC0=I1T-GS OF = <br />'TILL: -GE COTMOIL 071 TT77TILU1G:-: 07 MINA AT <br />A :=TII"r ' MMRZOP IML D 0L" <br />9th =11 DAY AUGUST 1 9 1 9 <br />The Council not at the Hall and was called to order by the President, <br />H G Onsted. All Tclnbers answered to the roll call e%-oapt Paul Wind, :f,10 <br />was absent, The minutes of r.eetin- of July. 12th ..ere read and on r-otion <br />approved. <br />The r 3 'I-,he <br />The queztion of toleph,--,ne rates was broutht up by J B cg-Yin- a 1�t <br />Council —,-s asired to tr-',:e the matter up with the proper ar.thoritles and <br />see what could be done., The question was referea to Public Utilities <br />Committee. <br />L. It <br />petition ia_s Iresented for a four (4) foot We-.all- frog 7th stre�at <br />to the Interlaaher, Boulevard. The petition was slgned by G 11: Sacho, ardl-y- <br />B sachs., JoInin JorTencen and Jennie Jorgensen, The q.. .tion of tile <br />the sir3F�--nU7 w= discrosed and C B Yancey r-ade a motion t7-a-t a 01Z (6) foot <br />sidevallz be laid on the west side of Brool Me Avenue frc-r- 7th street to <br />tae Interlachen Boulevard. The motion reoleved no second. Trustee Vescez, <br />micide a notion that a four (4) foot side.77alli'. be laid on the wc,zt side of <br />Broo'zslde avenue from 7th street to the Interl--chen Boule% n% --Ae notion <br />was seconded and -=s lost. Trustee Vessey ma-6e a notion t)--t "-"--e Clear- call <br />special meetiii,- of the council when Trustee Wind retr-rnt7d so t7r-alr, a -L`I111 colln- <br />oil could tore vp the question of the side,,,,•al'Y-1 on Brkc-ol'ol'de Carrie:% <br />Me street core-iosioncr stated that the doad crew had inoisted on an <br />T <br />increase in yay of Zift- cents a bay, for men vx-J 'Lift,- oTnts a �Ly -,-or <br />10 1: <br />men a ti„m=. Lfter considorable dfasoussion Tr,-stoe Veose- r!7�je an <br />that the der- - �1 be 3rc,-nte6 and that the Street Corrissioner be -ivc-n <br />increase of fift-1, cents a day, Carried. <br />r' l, <br />. -e f ollc-:1r-e bills -.,ere ara ited an0 allow.el. <br />L <br />57.00-1 <br />::--o' Peterzo-A <br />84. On <br />Jo'-n Costello <br />8d'.00.1 <br />Arnold Wind <br />'79,'73.I L <br />A Sar-nueloon <br />79,723 <br />D -f '-:c-'-r-udre <br />72,73 • ,/ <br />7red '-'iller <br />39.86.•1 <br />G S-::zns,n <br />o 6 - <br />Don - i --- I I I =n <br />Oscar Eric"-son <br />Joe 7--Usb <br />C- 5. Q') - <br />Gle, L-rzon <br />Ed ,'x6erzor <br />Jb'roi Clscmn <br />4z.00'y <br />JCrm Clin-er <br />17.40. )j <br />S C Herrett <br />SIN IM <br />S 110Z.7 <br />;7. ^0 <br />Eac!: Pc:'-,erson <br />P-4.00 <br />John Costello <br />8 "i, no <br />D --" L.c,"a-aire <br />ar'. v) <br />Arnol'! -.Ind <br />S, 0 <br />Z-71 G. of) <br />Joe 7-11sh <br /> <br />7're1v LillEr <br />y L <br />G <br />John clin-'Cr <br />4-1. LZ NIX- <br />Ole La:-zon <br />v4 1) <br />Oscar <br />4 0 r-, V <br />Don 7illnr <br />38.60 t <br />Ed 21--Acrson <br />41.^3 V <br />V- <br />7-'Cre oo <br />ft7rther birsfrczo the <br />c l - ec <br />• <br />W- <br />