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.. <br />Tho CouylcPl met at the hall and was called JGo oraer b3 t1ie President <br />H G Oasted, all mmbers vore presente The minutes of the meeting of <br />January 10th were read and approved. <br />me c3omfttee to whom vas refered the complaint against the Edina <br />Dazkrg for mnhg thhoir refuse vater on to? of the ground, reported <br />that tho ratter ha3 been investi$ated anti that they mere fnforxed. that <br />tho Ea?-rn Dairy intended putting up a ne17 building and providing an <br />zdequste coss@ool to take care of all wal$te water etc from the plant also <br />that they mould be yresent at the Council meeting azd submit their plans. <br />On motion the report of the committee was accepted and adopted, <br />Ths Fresident appointed the following as the Elec%ion Board for the <br />Villsza Election, Geo Vessey, Paul Eind and D P UcGuire as Jxdyes and <br />Arthur LIaloney and R A Graham as Clerks of Election, <br />Tlw follcming bills were auditod and allowed, <br />State Fa-dc of Eopkins Interest <br />Street Li@its <br />Treasurers Pees <br />Cormittee work & Sal <br />I? <br />l? <br />1) <br />11 <br />Ea11 Rent <br />Thoro kafng no fnrther busbness the meeting adjourjed,