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Tfio ~reetinr;. vas called. to order by the Prasident R S Ssnsen All mm.bem <br />m?re FrGsenL and. answered to the roll call, The pinrites bf the meetin5 of <br />I'smh 1Xti- srere read an6 approved.. <br />Tmstce T@saey reported that he ha6 seen Comty Commissioner Taddell about <br />tEs ro& crusher and stated that Vaddell was not in favor of tarnins the rock <br />onisher over to the Tillage of E8ina becausethe County might 17ant to use it <br />frm time to time, but that the Tillage could we the crusher at any tire <br />A petitim sigaed by 15 tax payers, was presented. to tile Coucil, asking <br />that the Olinger road bo graveled from tho Eden Prairie road- to %be Cahill <br />road, Che petition YEW refered to the Xoad and Bridye Committee. <br />A request ~*ms received from B P Grwnet asking Pemissioa to cut the trees <br />Gn-k of Curve avenv.e adjacent to his property. FIX request nas refered to,the <br />Ro& md 9ridSe Cormittee, <br />ves%al request was made for Ilrs Beltzer for pemission t~ take the trees <br />af?joiniay b*>r prcpertp on 45tk strzet. Oil motion of Tmstee Vessey the PrEsi3en.t <br />YPC 'auti-oriac6 to rant the permission requested proveded the trees f7ere <br />Tmi?htd and not CU~ off. <br />S Joy IXLS for Street Comr5ssioner an?. there being no other a <br />vote vas i';a:cen anti Y s JOY vas wzilimous1y elected. as strest comissiuner. <br />39