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TGSOLWD, by the Ffflage Conmil of the Villa@ of Edim: <br />Ti. Wm C PXI&~J.Z Comoncing at a pint 300 ft ITorth from <br />Southesst comer of Solathi~eaC quar'tsr (ST,'l) <br />of Southosat quarter (SEZ) 09 Scation Sevon <br />(7) , Tomiship %ionty-slght (28) Range Trienty- <br />four (24) ; thence W 345 ft, thence IT 100 ft. <br />thence Swly parallel w&th the Eiirncsapolfe and <br />St Pan1 Buburban Railway Company's right of cay <br />to a pointA.445-5/10 ft VI from the E line of said <br />Southwest quarter of Southeast qwmter, thence H <br />to the Southerly line of said right of my, thence <br />Northeasterly along said right of vay to tho East <br />lino of said Sout&?est quarter of Southeast qvarter, <br />thence South to. poini; of beginuzin~,-----7-88-24- ' $161~25 <br />Conrmencing 345 ft West of a point 220 ft Xosth <br />of SQutheast comer of Soutbmst quarter (%e-) of <br />Southeast quarter (SEZ) o€ Sectionn Smen (71, <br />Tomshhip kentr-eight , ( 28 ) Range !hentg-f ow (24) , <br />thence W 100-5/10 ft, thence 17 80 Et, thence E. <br />100-5/10 Et, %henee S 80 ft to beginning. 7-28-24 75.38 <br />45