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49 <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 14th DAY OF AUGUST C0UI;SCIL OF TNE VILLAGE OE EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />1920 <br />.I <br />Meeting called to order by President Jensen. All members mere present. Trustee Herrett and seconded by Trustee Wind that the resignation be accepted.' Motion carried. F.S.Child who was elected as Clerk to succeed was sworn in and his bond accepted. <br />C.B.Yancy'e resignation was read and a motion was made by <br />Minutes of the three previous meetings read and approved. A peti- tion asking for repairs on Alden Drive was presented by E. Dudley Parsons. Trustee Wind moved that it be referred to road and bridge committee+ The motion was seoanded and passed. <br />Mr. Grimes reported that the counoil had authority to remove Peterson's and Skone's fences and walls if they Lrespassed on the street. Trustee Herrett moved that Mr. Grimes notify Mr. and Mrs. Skone to re- move fence on 44th St. in 10 days or the village would remove it, and to notify Mr. Peterson that if he does not keep the snow removed from <br />44th St. the coming winter, his stone fence which infringes on the street will be torn down. Motion was seoanded and passed. <br />Trustee Vessey moved that Rm. Anderson get prices on sewer pipe at Hopkins. Motion carried. <br />Mr. Grimes announced that he would attach revenue stamps and record a11 <br />deeds to road on Grimes Ave. Tr8a13~Xer Anderson reported that CeB,Yancy <br />had made full restitution of all money and interest. Treasurer Anderson was instructed to work out a voucher system of payment and report at next regular meeting+ <br />and his bill for work on board of review, etc., and that he be in- structed to send in his bill For same. The motion was seconded and <br />passed. <br />Trustee Wind moved that proceeding8 of all meetings be publiahed each month in the Hennepin County Enterprise. and passed. <br />It was moved by Mr. Wind that Mr. Yancy be paid hie salary in full <br />The motion was seconded <br />The following bills were reported: <br />Fred Miller $ 79.03 John Costello 313.53 <br />W.S.JOY 113 *68 John Tracy 154.22 W. Betchmt 49.50 <br />W. Webber 85.78 Robert Hohag 18.00 Fred Oleon 298 50 Louis Stalyman 135 . 28 Torn Fite- 135 28 <br />Arthur Jensen 262 50 <br />Harley Wind 262 . 50 <br />D. F. McGuire 343 .oo <br />Mpb. General Electrio <br />August Schultz 17,50 <br />J.E. Lil ja 15.35 <br />Red Wing Sever Pipe Co. 6.10 <br />Company 65 . 63 <br />H,P,.Rogers Co. 2e25 <br />S . C. Herrett 132 50 <br />Justus Lumber Co. 1.50 <br />A motion was made by Trustee Herrett and seconded that all bills reported be allowed and paid. Motion Carrie&. <br />Trustee Vesseg moved that a special meeting be held Saturday, Aug. <br />28th at 3 P.M. to inepect lots for gravel. and passed. <br />The motion was seconded