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a <br />€IIE?UTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />1920 <br />COUIJCfL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDII?A AT A WGULAR HEETII?Ct THZREOF HELD ON T€E 11th DAY OF SEPTEEBER, <br />Minutes of the two previous meetings 17em read and approved. <br />A.delegation from Broneon Ave. mere present and reported that they nere not yet prepaxed to go through t7ith their projest to straighten Bronmn Avae <br />They asked 'a. Gsimee, village attorney who ma present, if the village could lqally finance their projeot if they had one that wa8 agreeable to every one. <br />work on Bronson Ave. as soon as the-money mas forthconing and an agree- <br />ment hsd been reached betneen Melvin Grimes and the petitioners, <br />?&. Grimee add that they could. <br />On motion of Child, Herrett was inetruclrted to proceed vitah the <br />Ur. Griaes regorted $ha% he had served written notioe on Skones <br />Ala0 reported that he had prepared an agreement vfth Nr. Peterson <br />to remove their 44th Street fence but that they had not dona 80. <br />in regard to keeping the snow from his stone trall on 44tb Street. Peterson refused to sign. <br />-Residents of Halifax Ave. asked to have their street graded and . mere told that if they could get a quit claim for the needed land, <br />their request would be granted, <br />On motion of Trustee mind - 1Wnwqmbie Fire Department bills vere <br />laid on the table. <br />Trustee Herrett moved that the Clerk be-directed to send a bill <br />t~ I&. Lindsley on Brooke Avs. for $40.00,foac gravel nith a notice that legal means mould be taken to cobleot if they money mas not forthcoming. Hotion carried* <br />Trustee Vessey moved that the resalution in regard to a ditch through <br />Va0 I&. Russell land be passed and that Harley Vind be allorred the 00x1~ tract for same at $541.31. Notion casjcied. <br />Trustee Herrett moved that Clexk be instructed to oa11 for bids $02 <br />The fo1lot"rng bills tfere read and ordered paid: <br />sidenalk on SunnyRicie Ave. Alotion carried. <br />John Costello <br />8, Sa Joy John Traoy Tom Fite Fred 'Dliller Russell-Grader Mfg.- Dr James Blaks. <br />S, CeH8r~et% <br />De F ,MoGui 3% ~arleg Rind Robert Visnon <br />Hzrold Cooper C,B,Yancey <br />Fared S. Child R.L,Jensen <br />lfpls General Electria Co. <br />JIEoLilja v, %Joy John Tracy John Costello <br />Harley Rind Paul Wind <br />Jim BurfrenQS <br />G~o. Do V~SS~Y <br />Tea Street Commissioner Team Work Labor <br />Culvijr%e et& <br />Health Departmenti <br />SaLq Team Flork Team Work Labor Team Vosk Labor <br />Salary n <br />Salary and hauling <br />I1 <br />Salarg <br />Blacksmithing Street Cornmi ss ionsr Team Vork <br />Salary <br />n <br />n <br />$166.25 <br />75eOO <br />105 . 00 <br />49 e50 <br />49 . 50 269.28 15Q . 50 <br />28 000 <br />166.25 <br />366085 <br />92.25 <br />188025 <br />103 50 <br />46.00 <br />9%60 <br />32e75 <br />33.50 <br />65 e 63 <br />lh.40 <br />75eOO 77 e 63 <br />136.67 <br />X92.47 <br />39 50