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IJIIJUTES OF THE PROCEEDIRGS OF THE: VILLAGE <br />T-REWEOF JBLD OH THE: 9th DAY OF OCTOBER, <br />COU~CIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR izmTrm <br />1920 ***********~*****+****~~**~*~*****~*%*~~~**~~~~****~*~*~ <br />P;lenibers present - Jensen, Vessey, Flind, Herrett, Child and Anderson. <br />The minutea of the previous meetins were read and approved. <br />Residents of Bronson Ave. reported progreea on finmc3.w of Brbnson Ave. straightening aad paid Villla?;e of Edina $lOOoOO for grading same. <br />Bills were read ad on motion of Veseey vero &pp?rOVed and ordered <br />Moved by Councilman Herrett that the village levy far 1920 be #15,000.00 <br />paid. <br />Motion sesonded by Vessey and passed, <br />Moved by Councilman Veseey that recoraer procure a canvassing board for Election night. Motion seconded and passed. <br />Moved by Mr, Eerrett that danger signa be purchased for Browndale and 44th Street Bridges, Style "0. 38 fsom Lyle Culvert Go. Notfan <br />cwriedo <br />Moved by e. Vind that petition regaxding imprQvement of Nelson Ave. <br />and Arthur Street be referred to R, & B. Committee, Notion oarriecb. <br />Meetins adjourned. <br />Bills as follow: <br />Fred Olson John Tracy Arthur Jenaen <br />Ed CQatellO John Costshlo V.J. Joy <br />Hpb. General. Electrio Go. Bertlason Bros. <br />Geo. JI Silk <br />Tom Fite Louis Stsbzman N. Vebbes V, Bettchart Fred Miller <br />Harley Vind James Burkmoee Robert Cooper Harold Cooper <br />E. Evans R. F. Salisbury Clarense Knutaon John Jones S,C,Berrstt <br />Hennepin CounLy Fair <br />Geo. S. Grimes <br />Teaan Vork $207. la <br />tl - 196,86 <br />(1 196.86 <br />205.62 <br />n 242e48 Street Commissioner 150.00 Lights 65.63 Stationery 6.60 Printing and Publishing 147.10 Labor 101.25 <br />n 99.00 <br />n 1L25 <br />11 10L25 <br />li 101.25 Teaan Vork 37905% 173.9a. Team and Labox 215.01 Labor 65.25 Labor 36.00 <br />11 42.75 <br />tI 61 e 88 <br />n 9eOQ <br />I? <br />Road Patrol and Team Flask 266.49 TbaO.QQ <br />To td $3418.31 <br />Attorney Fees 23 6e05