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i 55 <br />MfNUTES OF THE PRQCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />1920 <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIBA AT A SPECIAL MEETING <br />THEXEOF HELD OB THE 5th DAY OF NOVE%BER, <br />##~#~~~~~~#~~~~##~~~#~~~.~~~~~~~#~~ <br />Members present I Jensen, Wind, Vessey, Herslett and Child, <br />President Jensen, Constable Jackson, and Justice of the Peace Bjorklund presented t'heir resignations and it %as moved by Mr. Wind and seconded by Vessey that they be tpoepted. Motion carried. <br />Village Bsad of Morningside appeared before the Cotincil and asked for an accauntipg to simplify division of assets and liabil- ities between Edins and Morningside. a hearing after the next regulas: meeting giving the Counoil time to look up their legal slanding. <br />It was decided to give them <br />Meeting adjourned. I <br />I.