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56 <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUlJcZL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIIVA AT A REGULAR FrIEETflJG <br />1920 THEREOF HELD ON THE 13th DAY OF MOVEMBER, <br />The follaving mere presen%, Trustees Vessep, Ti'ind, Herret, Child, Treasurer Anderson. <br />Trustee VesRey vas eleoted Chairman on motion of Trustee Hessett, seconded by Trustee Vind. JoTII)elmey t7as appointed President of the board to succeed R.LoJensen resigned. <br />Nr. Delaney war^ present, qualified and took the chair. <br />Hinutee. of the tmo previous meetings mere read and approved. <br />Geo. S. Grimes3 vill-e attorney, mas present and disouesed the proper proceedins8 in regard to the division of assets and liabilities claimed by %he Village of Morningside. <br />November 28th at 8 PeNo to confer with the Morninpide Council, Grimes was asked to be present at thie meeting, <br />winter meetings be held at 1:30 Po?.!, <br />On motion of Trustee Vind it was deoided to hold iz speoid meeting <br />Elr, <br />Trustee Rind moved that the next regular meeting and following <br />The following bflle were presented and ordered paid: <br />Vlb3,Joy <br />Jno. Costello Ed Costello <br />Art'nur Jensen Fred Olson Fred Miller L* Stolamasl FI, Betohart Tom Fite Arnold Vind <br />Jghn Tracy R. Vhsnom Harley Vind John Jones Robert Cooper c, Rnutson E* Evans <br />J* &Urkm~se <br />S,C.Serreti; GeoB Millam Jns Rutledge De Fe!JcGuire F 31 e Maloney <br />J F, Schoo ley C3,Prescott RoL.Jensen John Lilja F, J.Kokesh P Jo Caroline Mpls, General Electric Co. <br />Geoe Payne <br />Ge00 V8SSey <br />Lyle Gulvert Co. Harry Hanson <br />A 0 €3 j or klund <br />Street Commissioner $%'71.8'7 <br />Team Work <br />Team Fork &absa: <br />it <br />.n <br />n <br />It <br />if <br />Team Work <br />n <br />Labor Team Work <br />Labor Team and Laboa: Labor <br />Tea Work <br />Hal1 Rent <br />El8C t ions n <br />it <br />n <br />n <br />11 <br />It <br />Salary and Elections Blaokamithing <br />. Hardrraze <br />Bd. of Health-Supplies Lights Lfeals and services at <br />Election Road Signs Laboa: <br />226 38 <br />231.17 <br />239.92 235.55 <br />110 e 85 <br />119 . 25 119 . 25 <br />121e50 <br />18300.4. <br />17.50 <br />235 e 13 <br />9.QO 411 * 24 <br />9.00 <br />234.82 <br />96.76 <br />54 . 59 <br />231.33 <br />i35.00 <br />3e60 <br />3.60 <br />3.60 <br />3.w <br />3.60 7.10 6.35 <br />8.70 <br />10.80 <br />65.63 <br />22.00 27.20 <br />10 . 69 <br />97Q34 <br />(Garni&ment) 21Q90 Total $3337.46 <br />Clerk