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57 <br />\ <br />MINJTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE a <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL MEETIftG - THIBEOF HELD ON THE 27th DAY OF NOVEMBERr I920 <br />All members present. <br />On motion the reading; of the minutsa were dispensed with. <br />The meeting'was called to discuss a division of the spoils with the new Village of MQrningsid8, whose Council members were present . <br />a <br />After a general dikcu88iOn it was moved by Child that the bills of the Morningside district be paid as usual until March let, 1921. At that time if satisfied of the legal incorporation of Morningside, an accounting to be macle and a legal division of assets and liabilities to take plabe. <br />Motion aeconded by Trustee Vessey and carried.' <br />The followins billa were ordered paid: <br />a <br />Robert 57isnom <br />A. Betchart Tom Fite <br />W. Betohart <br />Fred Miller <br />Arnold Rind Fred Olson <br />Ax t . Jen8 en <br />Ed COst81lO John Coetello John Tracy <br />N. Leerskov <br />S. 0. Herret t <br />Clarence KnutFaon Harley Wind <br />€3. Fasslar <br />bUiR StOlZYflaZl <br />1.8, JOJ~ <br />Labor <br />fl <br />11 <br />tl <br />n <br />n <br />T8- Work <br />n Tea Work <br />11 <br />11 <br />n <br />Street Comuli ss foner Electione <br />Road Patrol Labor Team Work Gravel Tot &J. <br />On motion meetin$ adjourned, <br />t 9 9.60 <br />4.50 <br />55 e 12 <br />54,OO <br />58 50 <br />95 88 <br />106.63. <br />108e81 <br />, 54.00 <br />102.79. I <br />108 . 81 <br />108 81 <br />81.25 <br />6.60 52.40 <br />120 29 22.50 <br />12% 25 <br />$a277 . 74 <br />Clerk <br />.