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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING TREREOF HELD 011 TME: 8th DAY OF JANUARY 192%. <br />...................................................... <br />Regular Council meeting, ViLlage of Edina, held in Grange Hall <br />On motion of Trustee Vesaey seconded by Herrett, W.R.Ander~on <br />January 8th, 1921, All officers present, <br />was appointed to investigate and if necessary aid the TompkinEi <br />family on 3rd Ave. who were reported in rlistrase. <br />0 <br />After a general discussion of snow removal from the roads it was moved by Child and seuonded by Vessey that the rnatter of snow qernov- a1 be referred to the R.& B,Commlttee with the reoommendation that the scrapers be put on all roads as soon as possible after heavy snow f all6 . <br />The following bills were read and approved: <br />S. C .Herret t R&B $ 23.13 General Electric 00. Street Lights 65.63 Harley Wind R & B (snow) ’ 19.69 <br />n n 4.37 <br />18.00 <br />G80 .D.V8sSey <br />Total $ Drug B , B . of H. P. J. Caroline <br />On motion meeting adjourned. <br />59 <br />\ <br />0’ Village Clerk, <br />Edinao