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HIEJUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUUCIL OF T-I33 VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE: 14th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1921 <br />...................................................... <br />Regular meeting of Edfna Council held in Grange Hall Feb.lCth, ‘ <br />GAL Swhs asked to have sidewalk repaired in front of hi8 <br />19219 All officetrs present e <br />house. The matter waB referred to Ro& BoCommittee. <br />It mas moved by Vessey that the Cberk be instructed to have <br />signs printed to stop the dumping of gaxbage in the Village. Notion CSried. <br />It was moved by Child and seeondsd by Vessey that Hasbey Vind <br />be advanced $404.00 to pay for tils on the Russell-Vind di’t;ch. Il’lotion carried, <br />The folloiving appointments for th8 Village Eleotion were made: <br />Judges - Geo. Vsssey, S,C,Hearett, bk Veber, <br />Clerks - Clarense F.Preacott Albert OUnges, Constable - Frank Krernl. <br />The report of the Public Exaainer M&S read and placed on file. <br />It vas moved by Vessey that Child be instructed to see the Granger <br />and also the General Electric Co. about inataxling electricity in <br />the Grange Hall. <br />The folloiving bills were read and approved: <br />.- <br />Harley Vind Joe Rousher R.Leaoh Geo. Vessey S,C,Herrett <br />Paul Wind Jo Delaney <br />Fred S. Child Pacific Elevator GO. <br />Pipbe General Elsc . Go John Costello <br />TJ,B, Anderson Lee Fuller <br />J. Olinger J . G . 3srt zo ld L. Delaney <br />Henry Rims <br />Xike Delaney T?.SoJoy Arnold Wind <br />Tiling and R & B $430 25 R&B 3.15 Gravel 15 0 00 Salazy and Snow Work 15*44 Salary 4.50 <br />Salay 6,25 <br />n 4.50 Salary and Suppliea 61.25 me1 17 e00 Street Lights 65963 <br />R&B 3*83 <br />S&bbry 100.00 R&B 1v9? R&B 1.95 Har dvraro 1.60 R&B 22.42 <br />Public Exmimr 58.07 R&B 22.42 <br />n 8.75 <br />Total ($850.25 <br />n 6.25 <br />On motion meeting adjourned.