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61 <br />MINUTES OF COURCfL OF THZ <br />T?3EREOF <br />Tm PROCEEDINGS OF TEE3 VILLAGE <br />VILLAGE OF EDtNA AT A REGULAR MEETING HELD OIJ THE lath DAY OF MARCHI <br />\ <br />1921 <br />Regular meeting of the Village Council of the Village of Ediria. <br />Trustees preaent - Delaney, Wind, Veaaey, Herrett and Child, <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved, 0 <br />The road and bridge committee reported that they had examined the sidewalk in front, of G,MoSachts property and had decided to <br />dump several loads of gravel to prevent further wash. <br />Hall to his property, Bridge Cormittee, <br />It was moved by Vessey and seoonded by Wind that ths request of the Hennepin County Agrioultural Society for funds to biiild a Town- <br />ship Building be laid on the table till such time as the Ag. Society had more definite information as to amount needed and cost of build- ing. Motion carried. <br />James Meyara asked to have gravel put on the road from the Grmge His reguest was referred to the Road asld <br />I <br />The following newly elested village officers were present' and quslif ied: <br />J T . Del aney H.J,Enudsen J. J. Duggw D . F Mc Guire <br />Fred S, Child <br />Pr e ei dent Trustee Tr8asu~~a <br />,As 888802 Clerk - <br />It was moved by Vessey that the Village place 60 ft. of oarrugatad culvert for oontinuatisn of Russell ditch acro88 Village right of way, 0 Motion carried. <br />Moved by Child and eeoonded by Vessey the bank account be left <br />with the State Bank of Hopkins, <br />The following bills were read and approved: <br />S . C .Herret t Bren Brother8 J.P.Larsen Geo,S,Grfmea * <br />Geo.D,Vessey Clarence F,Precjcott N. Weber <br />Albert Olinger Frank Kreml <br />Road & Bridge and elections # 17,XO Hardware 57.21 <br />Surveyor 25,OO Legal Services 54.80 <br />ElLeCtitm6 3060 <br />It 3.60 <br />W 3.60 <br />n 3*a <br />lt 3.60 <br />~ <br />$m- Tot al <br />On motion the meeting adjourned. <br />Resopcder I Villags of Edina, <br />..