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'\ 82 <br />UINUTES OF THE: PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A FEGULAR lEETING THEFIEOF HELD ON THE 9th DAY OF APRIL, <br />1921 <br />Regular meeting of the Village Council. of the Village of Edina in the Grange Hall. * <br />All members of the board mere present. I' <br />The minutes of the ?larch meeting vexe read and approved. <br />II. <br />S. C. Henett presented his resignation as Councilman and the <br />E9rs Clarenoe F. Prescott va,s appointaa to sucoeed I&. Herrett. <br />Mr. Preecott ma8 pressnt, qualified and took I&. Herretees plaos <br />Thoa. Eyte asked to have the road repaired leading frow the main <br />resignat ion was accepted. <br />in the meeting. <br />road to his farnr. Referred to R. & Bo Committee. <br />E.L,Etlodlin appeared and asked to have' the road parallelling c831 track8 at Bl&e and running west graded and gravebed. <br />was referred to the R. Se Be Committee. On motion ht <br />It mas moved by Vessey that men be paid on the basis of an 8 hour day for grading and 9 hours gravelling. Seconded by Knudsen a;hd . - carried, <br />Vessey and carried. <br />be paid $5.00 per day. Carried. . <br />IJoved by Child that teams be paid @7,00 per day. <br />Noved by Vessey and seconded by Knudsen that Street Csmissiones <br />Seconded by <br />Moved by Vessey and aeoondad by Knudsen that a road patrolman be <br />Eoved by Vessey that the patrolman be empowered to hUe a aan ~a: <br />Uoved by Vessey and seoonded by Knudsen that patrolman be paid <br />&loved by Vessey that clerk be paid $20.00 per month. Carried, <br />Moved by Vemey that Geo. S. Grimes be appointed village attorney, <br />Zoved by Child that Hennepin Coun%y Enterprise be made the asgab <br />Moved by Vessey that James Black be appointed Health Conmissioner. <br />J.T.Delaney, V.R.P!nderson and Paul Vind were mmint%t8d and on <br />It ma$ moved by Vessey that President Delaey be appointed Chairmzdn <br />employed. Carried. <br />man and team a8 necessary. <br />$8.00 per day. Carried. <br />Motion seoonded and passed. <br />Carried. <br />paper, ldotion seconded and passed. <br />Motion carried. <br />motion appointed to Board of Health, <br />of the road and bridge committee and that he appoint the other two members. Motion seconded and passed. <br />I&. Delaney appointed Geo, Vessey and C.F.Preaaott as th8 other <br />tmo members. <br />On motion of Veseey J.P,Larsen ma appointed surveyor. <br />It vas moved by Vessey and seconded by Knudsen that Child be <br />a <br />made Chairman of Public Utilities Committee, and that entire ljoarcjl <br />act nlth him. Motion carried. 9