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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE.VILLAGE <br />. THEREOF HELD ON THE 14th DAY OF HAY, 1923 <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR ?.IEETING <br />Regular meeting of Edina Village Council held in the Grange Hall <br />The minutee of the previous meeting rjere read and approved, <br />May 14th, 1921, All board members present. <br />It vas moved by Trusteo Veesey that the Clerk be inatz'ucted t~ examine and pass on the list of personal %ax payers in Mosningside8 Motion paesed, <br />file, Inepestion report of the! R.& B,Committee was read and placed. QD <br />It was moved by Child and seconded by Breecott the <br />instructed to take up narrant Ne, 1400 payable to J,A.Peterson and Son for $1201.55 and interest of $109.18'held by State Bank of Hopkine. Also Varrante Nos, 1958 and 1970 held by Harriet State Bank, of <br />$65.84 and $lOeOO plue $6.85 interest, totaliw $8.2,69. ?lotion carried. <br />The following bills were read and approved: <br />Ruseell Grader 00- <br />Justus Lumber Coo <br />Gee* ?ifillam,Treae. Edina Grocery <br />John E. LiZJa P. J. Caroline <br />Thomas Fite <br />John Gostello Nack Petereon <br />Donald 'Millam Barley flind John Coetello <br />Ed CQStellO I?, VeVebber A Bet chart <br />Louia St0lzma.n <br />Tom Fit8 J. Betchart <br />G .%. Sachs John Olinger Harry Jens en <br />1st Mstional Bank, Hopkine <br />State Bank of Hopkin3 Leo Delmey Clarence Knudson <br />S.G . Hsrre tt <br />Russelh Grader Mfg .Coo <br />L*, Eidm 8i GO. <br />G~o* J. Silk <br />By JeJOhnBbn <br />Ne Knud8en <br />+- H.J,Vind I - John Tracy <br />. PITrsoPe Costello <br />,paboa? <br />Team Vork <br />rt <br />Labor Team Vork <br />Labor <br />n <br />w <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />Clerk's Bond Treasurer' 6 Bond Re& B. - Team Labor Road Patrol Cu%verts, eta. Total <br />$ 65.25 10 9 29 <br />26.00 <br />e 45 <br />40.97 12.20 <br />25.20 99*5u . <br />&a15*00 78*75 78 o 75 <br />147 . 00 <br />147 e 00 <br />25 SO <br />270.90 <br />34.65 <br />99 9 23 <br />89e78 <br />25 e ZQ <br />25-80 <br />25e29 <br />55,12 <br />8.30 <br />34.65 <br />2e50 <br />25,OO <br />19 e 5Q <br />85*20 <br />224 00 19'7 69 <br />82569-68 <br />On motion meeting adjourned. <br />Village Clerk