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NINUTEIJ OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDfNA AT A REGULAR MEETING THEREOF HELD ON THE 11th DAY OF JUNE# 1921 <br />********************************************~********** <br />ir: <br />Regular meeting- of Edina Village Council held in Grange Hall. <br />The minutes of the previoue meeting were rsad and approved. <br />The Clerk reported that the personal tax list presented by Morn- ingeide was correct . <br />Mr. Avery of Flour City Ornamental Iron lorks appeared in the interest of a tablet. for the Vbrld War Veteran6 of Edina. The Council spent some time going over the entire line. <br />., - <br />It was moved by ChiLd and seoonded by Vessey that the Chair ap- point a committee to handle this matter &nd report later. <br />The motion cmried and the Chair appointed the entire Council on the Committee. <br />.. A petition was presented to have Halifax Ave, opened south from <br />It was moved by Veasey and seconded by Hnutson that the Clerk ask <br />. 50th Street one blosk. <br />Fred Sampson to some to, next Council meeting and give his views of <br />* opening of Halifax Ave. Motion carried. <br />' A petition was presented by residents of Motor Ave. and vioinity regarding improvement of Motor Ave. petition be acaepted and held for later consideration. Motion seconded <br />by Veaeeg and carried. <br />It was moved by Rnudaon that the <br />A petition of the General Elecrtrlia Go. to place nine poles on 49th Street and 44th Street was carried, on motion of Prescott, seconded by <br />It was moved by Child and eeeonded by Knudson that a bill of The <br />It was moved by Child and secronded by Knudson that Jamgs Burkmom and <br />. ~eeseg. <br />Minneapolis Fire Department for $30.00 be allowed. <br />Ralph McGuire be appointed Constables, <br />The motion carried. t r <br />Motion carried. <br />The Clerk waB ordered to consult Attorney Grimes regarding the oper- ation and parking of automobiles within the village. <br />On motion V.R.Anderson and Fred Willson were appointed Justices of the Peace. <br />The following bills were read and allowed: <br />John Tracy H.S.WinC1 <br />Mack Peterson John Costello Donald Millan N. Knudeon Thomas Fite P . A . Johnson <br />J. Bettohart <br />G.M.8achs Louia Stoleman Harry Jenaen Harley Wind Fred S. Child General Electric Co Dr. Jmes Blake <br />C 1 areno e Knudso n Leo Delaney <br />s.C .Herre% <br />Joseph 14. Coruoran <br />N.W.vJeber <br />FaJL KOkesh <br />Re& Bo Tew n n <br />11 n <br />n Labor <br />n Foreman <br />n Labor <br />n n. <br />n Team <br />Clerk's Salary Street Lights Board of Health <br />R.& B. Labor <br />1) Team Road Patrol Hm?are Blacksmith <br />n tt <br />n 11 <br />n. n <br />n 11 <br />n n <br />W n <br />$142.319 <br />141, 75 <br />142 19 <br />142*;19 <br />74.30 <br />75 0 18 <br />ao1.55 17 33 <br />23s63 <br />20.48 <br />25 20 <br />50 .40 <br />12.60 62.00 <br />40.84 IO5 .OQ <br />67.50 <br />1O5 000 156 00 <br />89 . 50 <br />11.85 <br />7wa