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a 67 MIBUTES OF THE PROCEEDIlJQS OF Tm VILLAGE <br />COUWIL OF THE: VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING THXREOF HELD ON THE 9th DAY OF JULY 1921 <br />................................................ <br />Regular meeting ~f Edlna Village Council held in the Grange Hall. <br />Members present - Delaney, Vessey, Knudson, and Chtbd. <br />The minutaa of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The committee on a memorial tablet reported no progress and asked <br />A petition of residents of Halifax Ave, for street opening south <br />Absent - Presco tt <br />further time for oonaideration. <br />from 50th 8treet was disoussed and laid on the table till the August meeting. <br />The General Electric Co. asked permission to erect two polee on York and 54th Street. <br />On motion of Veseep seoonded by Knudson the request was granted* <br />The Clerk reported that he had conferred with the Dan Patch line <br />A petition of residents in vicinity of Benton Ave. for Gooperation <br />and that they would repair their bridges in the Village. <br />of Council in securing a bridge over the Dan Patch was read. <br />On motion of Child eeoonded by Rnudcaon the matter was referred to <br />t <br />On motion of Knudson seoonded by Vessey the Clerk wa8 ordered to <br />The following bills were read and approved: <br />the Road and BriQs Committee. <br />furnish the Constables nesessag equipment . <br />Torn Gleeson Re& Be $ 56.25 <br />John Trasy Harley mind <br />Mack Peterean N. KnudSQn Donald Xillan John Costello Thomw Fite P . A . Johnson W.S.Smetana Pt J . Caroline <br />n 160 a 50 <br />W 149 . 62 <br />?I 147oOO <br />80 63 n <br />n 76.88 <br />ft 150 . 50 <br />0 76.88 <br />ll 107 . 50 Board of' Health 1.75 <br />n l0.80 Justus Luuiber Co. Sewer Pipe 2.58 <br />Le Eidi~~vl & GO. Poor Aooouat 52.93 General Eleatrfc CO. Street Lights 40.83 S.C,Herrett Re& Bo b04tOO Leo Delaney n 42.W Cla rea00 Enudeon n 24.38 <br />Russell Grader Go. Repairs 2. 20 John E. Lilja Tools repaired 6400 <br />On motion meetiw adjourned. <br />c lexk .