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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON TKE 13th DAY OF AUGUST, COUXCIL OF T€EE VILLAGE OF EDXNA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />1921 <br />Minutes of reels meetix of Edina Village Council held in Grange Hall Ax. 13th,1921, <br />All members present excaegt Vesseye 0 <br />The minutes of the previous meeting vere read and approved. <br />Fred 8mpaon appeared and aBkedi $900eO0 plus the oest of moving <br />buildings for the twenty feet needed from him to open Halifax Avs, <br />On motfan of Child sesondedl by Preamtt, Smpson was asked to make his proposition in writing and send te the next regular meeting;. <br />It nas moved by Knudaon ad seconded by Prescott that the requast <br />of F.8,Reed for the opening; of Rutledge Ape. aouth of 44th Street be refesred to the Re& Be Committee. The motion cazried, <br />The report of the memorial Tablet Cornmfttoe was again rgostponsd. <br />It was moved by Knudson and seconded by Prescott that $lOOeOO be <br />baid. toward th0 rnaintenancls of the 1921. Hennepin County Fair. &otLon aarried, The <br />The Clesk reported thzt upon investigation hs believed 85,QO per week a right amount to pay t017a2& the @upport of the Tompkins family, and vas Ordered to allow that amount in trade with L. Bidam & Go., Hopkins. <br />The folloving bills nerb allowed: <br />P,A.Johnson <br />I), F,McGuirs <br />!I'hxnas Fite N. Knudeon Dm ?&illam John COSt8lb <br />Hack Pet ermn Hakbey -Vind John Traay Tom Gleeson <br />Ed Cos-L;ello <br />8 C HerX8tt <br />M* De'bsney Leo Delaney <br />Russell Grades Co. <br />General Electric Go <br />Clarence Knudson John E, Lilja <br />Valter 3, Booth 7% 8011 <br />Henn. County A& Soci0tg <br />R.& 3. <br />Re& Be <br />Assessoz <br />n <br />n <br />tl <br />n <br />n <br />PI <br />t1 <br />r! <br />n <br />ti <br />n <br />Repaix Plsv <br />StX88t Lights Legal Blanks <br />R.8: B, Tool Repairs <br />Faf r <br />210 08 208 . 68 <br />On motion meeting adjourned, <br />Clesk.