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i 69 J MINUTE8 OF THE PROCEEDIiJGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />1921 <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A FUZGULAR MEETING THEREOF HELD ON THE 10th DAY OF SEPTEMBER <br />Minutes of regular meeting of Edina .Village Council held in Grange Hall September loth, 1921. <br />All members present. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The memorial tablet committee reported that through the coopera- tion of W,R.Anderaon progress was being made toward getting the <br />a needed liat of names. <br />W.S.Meydt requested the opening of West 48th Street mross the Dan Patch Line, <br />On motion of Knudson .seconded by Premolt the lgattes was referred to the Re& B. Cornittee, <br />Mr. 1,I.Larsen of Browndale Park asked permisaion to build a <br />Fred ~ampesn pro oeed in writing to take $1%30,00 for 20 feet on 50th and Halifax - $900.00 for Land and $339.00 for moving buildinga, <br />' sidewalk. Hi8 requeat was referred to the EL& B. Conunittee, <br />It was viioved by Child and seconded by Veaeey that Sampson'a propoe- ition be not aaoepted. Motion carried, <br />It was moved by Prescott and seconded by Vessey that SEunpson be <br />The following bb1lR were read and approved: <br />offered $60O,ClO for all claims for his 20 ft. Motion carried. <br />Mike DeZaney <br />Geo. Veseey .Jas. T. Delaney Fred 8. Child C.F.Bresoott <br />Fred Miller Ed Costello Tom Gleeson John Tracy H, Rind Maok Peteraon John Costello <br />N. Knudson Tom Fit8 P. A. Johnson John E. Lilja JBS. BUrkmOse Clarencre Knudson <br />Justua Lumber Co. General Elactrio Co. <br />F . J .Ho kesh Russell Grader Co , <br />Do Milla <br />SoCoHerrett <br />JoDeAd~s & CO. <br />Ro& Bo <br />Re& B.Committee Work <br />Clerk Salary R.& B. Cornittee Rork <br />n 11 n <br />Re& B* n <br />01 <br />11 <br />W <br />B <br />n <br />n' <br />1t <br />I1 <br />n <br />Tool Repairs <br />Re& Bo <br />It <br />n <br />Sewer Pipe Street Lights Grader Blade Axle Grease <br />Culverts <br />$135,72 <br />21.00 15.OQ <br />67 000 <br />4.00 <br />57.65 <br />60 00 160.32 <br />15'1.96 <br />159 . 96 <br />L60.12 <br />850 '78 7.50 <br />79.22 114.40 <br />11.00 98eQO <br />80m63 <br />176.00 <br />9mOQ 40.83 <br />8.59 <br />1.30 <br />168m72 <br />160 32 <br />On mo tian meeting adjourned. e