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I 'So <br />PdIZUTES OF THE PROGEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD 08 THE 8th DAY 03' OCTOBER, <br />COEICI'I., OF TEE VILLAGE OF EDEXA AT A REGULAR HIEETIXG <br />' 1921 <br />Minutes of regular meeting of Edina Village Caunoil held in Grange <br />Member8 present - Dela;nay, Vessey and Hnudeone. Members absent; - <br />Hall October 8th, 1921, <br />Child and Prescott. <br />Trustee Vessey acted as clsslt pro tern, <br />PheIps Vyman, Fra& Cook. A.T/a.Movell and H.'tll.Netson of the City Planning Commission of Mfnneapolift yere present to confer regardins <br />the plat of South Harriet Park. ferred for some changes to a speoial meeting to be held October.23rd at the location of the propoaed plat. <br />The plat vas not accepted but mas re- <br />J,E.Rutledge was presene and requested some road repafra at 54th <br />Pt ma8 moved by Vessey and seconded by Knudson the villaggs levy <br />Due to the absence of the clerk it was decided to postpone the <br />an& France, and the same was ordered a8 requestedo <br />for next yeax be $12000,00. <br />payment of bills until a special meeting to be held October 15th,L92lC <br />The motion carried. <br />On motion the meetins adjaurnecL <br />.- Acting Clerk,