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3 7l <br />MII?UTES OF THE PROCEEDIXGS OF TEE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 15th DAY OF OCTOBER, COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A XEEOIAL HZETLPIG <br />19a1 <br />.................................................... , .. <br />Minutes of a special meeting of Edina Village Council held Oot.15, * 1921, <br />The meeting was held for the purpose of paying bills, <br />The Village Treasurer reported a shortage of oash on hand and on motion it waa decided to pay all road bills with wasrants until oash <br />was avail ab10 <br />The follovring bills were allowed: <br />J,E.Hennesy & Go, Valter S. Booth & Son Standard Signs Ino. <br />Gener31 Electric CO. Fred Herrett Clarence Hnudaon Jas. Berkmozs <br />S.C,Hsrrett Vill Miller Torn Gleeson <br />Ed Costello H. Wind <br />Mack Peterson John Truoy , John Costello Fred Miller D, Mill- <br />'S ewer Pip e <br />Manuele Bridge Signs street Lights Re& B. <br />II <br />n <br />tl <br />11 <br />11 <br />W <br />n <br />11 <br />n <br />n <br />W <br />It <br />n <br />n <br />$ 3.00 <br />- 7.50 <br />8.00 <br />40 83 <br />26.25 <br />77.00 50 a63 <br />152*00 35.63 <br />58. J.3 <br />147.00 <br />140.00 147 000 <br />147 00 <br />1 147 e00 <br />74*QQ <br />78 *75 <br />?5.?5 <br />28 75 <br />On motion meeting adjourned*