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.. <br />PIIXUTES OF THE PROCEEDIXGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 22nd DAY OF OCTOBER 1921 <br />COUfiCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDII?A AT A SPECIAL ?L~EETIā‚¬?G <br />Xinutea of. a special meeting of Edina Villags Condl held at <br />South Harristt Park October 22nd, 1923. <br />All members present except Knudson. <br />Representatives of Thorpe Bros, and the D.C.Bel1 Investment Cos <br />.e <br />presented a revised plat of South Harriet Park East of the Creek rrhieh met the approval of the board. <br />It. was moved by Child Etnd seconded by Vessey that the plat be accepted. tiofion carrried. <br />On motion raeetiw adjourned, <br />Clerk. <br />i <br />-.. <br />, <br />. <br />I e