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e. <br />. <br />r <br />e <br />r <br />IdSNUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDSNA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />THEBEOF HELD ON TlB 12th DAY OF NOVEMBER, <br />73 <br />1921 <br />.................................................... <br />Regular meeting of Cocuzoil of Village of Edina held in the Gra-8 <br />Hall Noveri~bsr l%h, 1921 . <br />All members preeent, <br />The minutee of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The road axl bridge committee reported that after consideration they <br />had deoided that Halifax Ave. should be opened ae a 60 ft. street from 50th to 52nd Streets, but that the ratio of expense and demand would not warrant the opening of the so-called Strong road. <br />A dd8gatiOn af Halifax Ave. residents that appeased was told to <br />bring quit oletias for as muoh as possible of the land needed to the next <br />meeting and report the sentiment of those residents who muld, not give quit claims. <br />meetings be held at 2 o'clock P.M. <br />eseot poles to serve the Miiliraan property and others be granted. seoonded by Prescott aad passed. <br />It was moved by Presoott and seconded by Knudson that future <br />It was rmved by Vessey that the General Electric Co.'s request to <br />Motion carried* <br />, Motion <br />The following bills were approved and ordered paid: <br />General Electric 00 a <br />JaDoAdamS & COe <br />LoEidm EC GO. <br />J d? a Rerkrno 88 <br />John Lilja Ed Coatello John Costella John Traoy Thomas Fite SAHerrstt <br />EJtaceet Lights' <br />Constable's Gun Groaeries, Poor acot: Tool. repairs <br />PlQW <br />Ro& Ba <br />11 <br />tI <br />It <br />11 <br />On motian meeting adjourned. <br />I <br />$$ 40.83 <br />45 15 <br />20 a00 <br />. 46.73 1.00 <br />14 e00 <br />14.00 35.00 21.75 <br />88.QQ <br />I <br />r-, ..