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75 a <br />MIf3UTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 14th DAY OF JRNJARY <br />19.2 a <br />COUHGIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIHA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />....................... ........................... <br />Regular meeting of Edina Village Comcil held in the Grange Hall <br />Odembere present Delaney,, Knutson Vessey, Child. <br />Absent - Prescott, <br />Walter Hobart a surveyor of Minneapolis appeared in behalf of <br />.Towh of BZoomington asking that certain changes be made in county <br />JElllUSy 3.4~1922. .. <br />I . road Number 88. <br />Trustee Knutson moved that the requested reeolution be passed and <br />The following bills were allowed and ordered paid: <br />on second of Trustee Veesey said resolution was adapted. <br />$ 40.83 <br />5.10 Minneggolis General Electzic Go. F . J . Koke ah Lanterns pr.James Blake B.of Health 78.50 Frank Kreml Gravel 22 60 <br />Ralph tV.Leaah tr 26.75 <br />I: Re& 8. 39.50 <br />81 19.62 <br />S.C.Herrett <br />' Thos Fite Totab . 'W <br />On motion meeting adjourned. <br />e Village Clerk.