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HIISI?UTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 11th DAY OF FEBRUARY <br />COUITCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDIBA AT A REGULdR MEETING <br />1922 <br />Minutes of the regula meeting of the Edina Villa$@ Council held <br />&fernbere present - Dolaney , Vessey, KAU~SB~, Prescolt and Child, <br />It nas moved by Vessey that the Glacier Co. be allomsd $117,69 <br />in the Granse Hall Feb,llth,1922, <br />for filling furnished on France Ave. mudsen and carried. The motion vas seconded by <br />The road and briee committee reported that they had$ succeeded in getting the County Commissipners to build a ne;? bridge on Vest 48th Street cmming Minnehaha Greek, They also rqxntall thct they vould <br />be allomed to remove such good lumber a8 was left in the old 44th Street bridge to use in repairing the bridge back of %he Grange Hall. <br />The follcr’crhg officers mere appointed for the Village E1ecf;ian: <br />Judges - J.F.Schoolsy, Frank Rred., John Rutledge, <br />Clerks - D.F.?dcGuire, Albert Cllinger- <br />It vas decide& that the auding committee should meet. iq the Grange Hall cm February 27th a% 1:30 B.M. to go over the books for . . <br />the year. <br />the Grange Hall ready for the electiona. %C.Herrett iyas appointed to prepare the election boothe and get ’ <br />The following bills 17ere approved: <br />LoEidD 8: COO Bren BroB. Justus Lumber Co. General Electric Co, Fred S. Ghild Geoe D. Vessey C ,F e Pres co tt JJ?. Delamy H,J.EEnudasn <br />JoJ-Duggan <br />NLnnehaha Garee <br />tri. Delaney James Delaney,Jr. <br />Louis Ekesel <br />J. Hofmstrons <br />CI Greep Dale Green Henry Schillingex John Bvey <br />F,Xreml <br />Louis Jones L. Germ& Geo. Ludblad <br />S. Hnudsen <br />Harry Hansen <br />S,% Herrctt Harley Rind Ten Fife J . J Puggan, Treas. <br />Glacier Ce. <br />L .E . strong <br />Groceries for Boor Acot. 8 52.58 Lan%san 1.25 Coal - Poor Acute a5 . 00 Stmet Lights 40 83 salaxy 60,QO Salary 8: Corn. Work 18 000 <br />n 11 n n a2.00 <br />11 n n a 18oOQ <br />11 11 n n 16e00 <br />11 n 11 n 100 *oo Ro ad Mater i a1 117 e60 Hd.1 Rent 41.00 Re& €3, - Snov Work 45 . 58 <br />n n 49.87 <br />n a n 7.50 <br />n tl n 3*75 <br />It n n 3*75 <br />n n n 7.50 <br />n n 11 3-75 <br />n n 11 3.75 <br />11 11 11 3.28 <br />I1 n n 6.09 <br />lf 11 n 18 098 <br />a 11 n 4.45 <br />$1 a 11 406Q <br />tt n 11 5.63 <br />n 11 lt 4.45 Road Patrol 96,OO <br />Re& €3. Snow Vork. 63eOO <br />‘I? n 11-25 To Covsr iatsrest on back <br />n <br />rrmrants take up at banks 459-50 <br />On motion meeting adjogrned. <br />Vi Ilage Clerk.