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77 <br />i <br />\ MIEUTES OF THE PROCEEDIBGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUIJCIL aF THE VILLAGE OF EDLNA AT A REGULAR MEETIITG <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 11th DAY OF ITARCH, 1922 <br />Regular meeting of Edina Village Council held in Grange Hal. <br />Members present - Blaney, Vessey,Child. Absent - Knudsen, Pr 8800 t t * <br />The'minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />Harley mind requested an advance of $100.00 on the RusselJ. ditch contract. On motion of Vessey seconded by Child the request was granted. 9 <br />The following billa were allowed and ordered paid: <br />Dave Welsh N. Pearo Andrew Anderson. <br />Louis Kieeel J . p. Ho Imstrorn Dale Green Ole 81Elon Bennet Clark Ham Id Ho lras tram John Bove Henry Schi flinger Jake Bove <br />Id, Delaney Leo Delaney <br />Paul. Wind <br />Arnold Wind <br />S. Ct .Herrett <br />Jerry Cermak Joe Roshar Frank Kreml Harry C. Hansen Juatus Lumber Goa General Electric COO Russell-Grader Mfg,Co. <br />J J Dt~gm <br />R.& B. Snow Work <br />11 n 11 <br />11 n 11 <br />11 n 11 <br />11 n 11 <br />11 tI fl <br />i 11 n <br />I! <br />11 <br />n <br />n <br />II <br />11 <br />11 <br />It <br />n <br />to <br />11 <br />n <br />n <br />n <br />11 <br />11 <br />11 <br />n <br />II <br />11 <br />11 <br />0 <br />n <br />n <br />11 <br />It <br />It <br />11 <br />11 <br />11 <br />Lumb ex Street LightEt <br />Repairs <br />On motion meeting adjourned. <br />$ 26.25 <br />3Q 00 <br />22 50 <br />3.75 <br />6,lQ <br />3.76 6.10 <br />-3.75 <br />6.10 <br />6.20 <br />3.25 <br />3.75 <br />12.85 <br />12.85 <br />10.35 <br />1.50 <br />38 . 50 <br />48 c 50 <br />7.97 <br />1.88 <br />8.90 <br />2.123 3e04 <br />40 83 <br />9*23 <br />Villase Clerk.