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MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUITCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 8th. DAY OF APRIL: <br />3 79 <br />I9220 <br />p I, .... I ., 'rig IC ,~;:.',-~~-~~~i,-.,.. ZS."h';id*h A n a\ n .a *, n " .t ,, a. I* 1. w v ',~.*,~~--~-.~:S':J*.'~:: .. *# 4. .* L, .e.+ *. \I Y 86 ,,,I u 4.2, I,., v I, 4.%."* + 'rZi1ir'h.k 5TCGi252iS5tSi 5i.h' m.iC-,CSl-l~-iPk IS <br />The meeting ~a.8 called to order by Presldent J .T ,Delaneg. <br />Members present,J.T.Delaney.Trustees H.J.Knudsen,C ,F.Prescott, <br />Nevly elected officers were present and qualified,Trustee S,K.Strong <br />Clerk,E.T .Edson: Also Tleeasure J.J,Duggan, <br />On motion by Trustee Knudsen and seconded by Trustee Strong the <br />Clerk's bond was accepted, Carried. a <br />PAr.Modlin was present and ask for Born18 grading on Nelson Ave. <br />Pdr.Christenson,M.E,Mortenson ask for work on Halifax Ave. On <br />motion it was referred tomthe road and bridge committee. <br />Some work was g$anted on the Olinger and Miller roads. <br />Moved and seconded $0 pay men by the hour instead of by the day Carried. <br />Moved And seconded me pay 75# per hour for man and team.Carrled. Moved and seconded we pay men 40$ 'per.hour,Carried. Moved and seconded we pay the Street Commissioner 55gper hour.Carried <br />A petition of G.T?.Iioskins and others was read ,to grade Summit Aye. <br />and fix for sidemalkaOn motion it was referred to the road and bridge <br />committee. <br />On motion Dr,Blake was reappdinted Village Bhysician. P.40ved &hd seconded the Hennepin Coun$3f Enterprtse be the official <br />paper.carried. <br />Moved and seconded *e appoint Geo.S.Gslimes VilIage AtVorney,carrled. <br />Moved and! seconded the communication&the Hennepin County Fair Ass. <br />be la5d pn the table till the next regular rneeting.carried. <br />Moved and seconded the council meet at 7;3O P.M. carried. <br />There werethree canitidates' for Street Commissioner, S .C .Herrekt <br />John CosteLlo,and W.S.Joy. On the eighth ballot Tf;B.S,Joy received <br />three votes and was dealared elected, <br />J,T.Delnney S.K,Strong,H.J,Hnudsen.And C,F.Prescott were appointed <br />road committee, The pi-esident appointed J.T.Delaney,E.T,Edson.S°KoStrong on committee <br />to see Attomey Grimes on opening Halifax Ave. Moxed and seconded the Clerk be Instructed to purchase Gun,Starbnd <br />Handouffs,for Constable 0lirng~r.carrLed. <br />Received from the State Food and Dairy Ass.@7,OO Cigax-#et license. <br />Moved and seconded,John Cardarella be appointed Village Engineer,carP- <br />Moved and seconded the Road Commissionez$ be instructed to <br />make a report at the close of year,carried. <br />The Clerk was requested to see Mr.Millhm about renting the hall <br />For the ensusing year. <br />Moved and seconded the Clerk& salary be $20.00 per.Month.carried. <br />There was some discussion of the proposed new School Site and <br />building to be erected there on,at 48th.and Vooddale Ave. in an open field with no roads, Therefore be it resolved; <br />The Village Council go on record as opposing any and all roads for the proposed new site and building as unnecessary and not benne- <br />fitting the Vi.1.lae;e of Edina or the tax-payers in any ma$& there be- <br />ing no funds to meet the demand. On motion it was unanimousiy adopted;. The Clerk was fnstructed to get time book and bill heads. <br />The following bills were saved and aarrants drawn for same. <br />piedo <br />Jerry Chermak. <br />M .Delaneg <br />L .Delaney <br />Geo.Lundb1ad <br />Ellliam Rosher <br />S ,G ,Herrett <br />Arnold IVind <br />Paul Vind <br />John Tracy <br />John Costello <br />Arthur Jens en <br />R tc B . Snow work. <br />tk n <br />tl Lt <br />1) It <br />lt n <br />ti It <br />t& 11 <br />tt tt <br />it I4 <br />l* II <br />u tr A . <br />Geo .S .Grimes t? L€?$g;al <br />Minneapolis a. Gen . Electric Street <br />ANIOUITT FOFNARD