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Amount* bro't forvard $226.61: <br />R & B, Printing 66.55 Geo . J ,Silk Bren Bros. <br />Kenneth Moore '' Tending lights 30.53 Z,Eidam '' ?hoc eries (mrs , TompkSBs56 <br />P, J,Caroline Fumigating 15.30 Lumber 22.50 Justis Lumber Cos 'It. <br />Frank Kremal 'I 1'Jork Ec judge of elecTI,8$ <br />Hardware I ,ro tt <br />Total #m&? <br />The Village dourme21 met at the home of the Clerk, blembers present Persident J.T.Delaney,Trustees SsK .Strong,H,J.Knudsen <br />and Clerk E,T,E&,on.Roacl Gommissionsr W,S.Joy .' <br />It was recomended we gravel France Ave.from the Rrchardson'to the <br />Jewlsh Cemetary, Rlr.H.Hoskish mas present( also Lou% Keeeel) Afr.Hos~ss offered use of trucks at $20.00 and to furnish two teams most" of the the to <br />b3.p load truckscand to give the materiaL(grave1) It vas moved by Trustee H.J,Knudsen& seconded by Trustee S.K,Strong <br />that we accept the offer carried. <br />%pi was plar$e8 to start the vork about Apr.24th. <br />Moved by Trustee HaJaHnudsen and seconded by Trustee S.K.StPQl?g we adj, carriede <br />EJ6& Recorder. <br />, <br />,