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MINNUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF T'HE VILWGE <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE 13th DAY QF MAY COUPICIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />f922. <br />The meeting was called to order by President J,T.Delaney in <br />Grange Hal1,at 7:30 P.M. <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of Apr.8th. & of the special meeting <br />of Apr.15th were read and approved. <br />New business. Mr. Vm.Rell,Mr.S~rard EC Mr, Geo.Payne made a plea to straighten and grade 49th Street from France Ave, 3 blocks West. <br />0 All members present. <br />Moved by Trustee H.J.Knudsen and seconded by 3rustee S.K.Strong it <br />-be referred to the road and bridge commi%tee,Carried, <br />Mr.Boyd made application to the Council for $298.00 to reimburse him for gettifig, steam-shovel out of Creek at 44th.Street where he broke thru bridge. <br />Moved by Trustee SIK,Strong and seconded by Trustee H.J,Knudsen the <br />matter be laid on the table till the ne& regular meeting,carried. <br />Mr.Chance reported having seen Atty.GrSmes regarding the signing the quit claim deeds to property bntting on Halifax Ave, For lack of plat& it was impossible to make out the deeds at that time, Motion by Trustee H,J,Hnudsen to see Mr. Grfmes "Regarding the matter there being no second the motion was lost. <br />The Committee reported on seeing Atty.Grimes.That as soon as M~.Grimes <br />secured the necessary maps and platb he would b3.ready to make out <br />the deeds. The Road Bommittee Reported the roads to be in generally good except <br />in places. Some grading on 5GOh,-,Bt$eet Weat from France Ave. in front of Byron <br />Kell's was needed for 8idemalk. <br />Motion by Trustee S.K..Strong and seonded by Trustee C .F.frescott <br />that the Village donation to the Hennepin Go. Fair laid on the table till the next regular meeting,carried. <br />a <br />Tpu8tee H,J,Knudsen was appointed a commit-Lee to confer"with the Fair Association regarding the donation , <br />On motion the following bills were aLlowed <br />James Berkmoes Constable of El6ction <br />Albert Olinger J .F .Schooley <br />Dan McGuire <br />John -Rutledge <br />Jerry Cremak Thos .Fite <br />S.C .Merrett Fred ~Miller S .T .hlcCready W,Betchart <br />Ralph Wind <br />%alter Hoag John 'Tracy <br />John .Costello Dan NcGuire <br />"J OS JOY <br />Clerk <br />It <br />It - 1t <br />I? I1 <br />n It <br />I@ 14 <br />Judge <br />Road Commissioner Laborer <br />It <br />R&B I& lt <br />11 <br />1t tl <br />I* Ik <br />It <br />And team tf <br />I1 @ <br />It IR <br />n <br />11 <br />tE <br />11 <br />State Bank Of Hopkins Russell Grader Co, Repairs for grader <br />Valter S .Booth &Son Supplies John ~ Olinger Constable's Star J .F .Kiokesh Minneapolis General Electr c Go. Street Lights <br />Treasurer's Bond 0 <br />Sup lles for Road Crew ! <br />The folIowing bills were carried over. <br />Justis Lumber Coo J .D .Adam CO <br />Lumber Scrapers <br />$3.00 <br />4.80 @.09 (4.20# <br />4.20 <br />62 , 20 <br />4.20 <br />134.48 <br />58 0 60 <br />5E.40 <br />84.38 <br />6.00 <br />I67 . 63 <br />170.63 <br />170.63 144.01 <br />25.00 <br />16.58 <br />7.80 <br />1.00 <br />24 089 40, 5 <br />51.41 I32 e00 <br />There being no farther business,on motiom of Trustee S,K.Strong <br />seconded by Trustee H.J .Knudsen,the meeting adjnWn6d gJg&$4 Recorder.