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LIINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGUM ABETING <br />HEID THEREOF ON TRE 10th OF JUNE <br />I922 <br />The meeting of the Village Council was called to order by President <br />J .T .Delaney <br />All members present but Trustee S,K,Strong,mho nas absent, <br />TJinutes of the last meeting was readyand approved as read. e <br />Trustee H.J,Knudsen,Gom~itte~ on the Fakr Donation,Reported Seeing <br />the Fair Associatioq,and they would accept $200.00 as offered. <br />Trustee H.J.Knudsen was ask to confer with the Russel1 Grader pepple on a bill ofg9.23 <br />I.Ithe1922.But the check having Ba&hdis&aid the account vras not settled <br />The matter of opening Balffax Ave. was taken up,BW.John Lilja rras -present <br />and was told the matter rras in tkie hands of the Village Attg.Geo.S.Grlrnes. <br />for which the warrent was drann,also check,on Mar. <br />TrnsteeC.F,PrescotL vas appointed a committee to investigate the matter of groceries for Mrs.Tompkins on the Village account. <br />Nore than 30 days havlng elapsed before Mr.Boyd entered a clalm fop <br />damages for,breaking thru the bridge at 44th EC mfnnehaha Creek it vas <br />moved by Trustee Prescott and seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen he claim <br />be rejected, carried. <br />Apeti-tion presented by Yrustee-Prescott for the opening of a street <br />at intersection of south 19ne of Block$ 27 Nendelsenhn Add, In EdZna t?c <br />on the main highway South of Mirror Sake and going, Test along Blocks <br />(South line) 27,28,29,&30 of said Menklssohn Addoto Vest line of Block <br />30 0 The petition was referred to the road and bridge committee, <br />Mr,J.J.Duggan was appointed to ac% 8s *Second Clerk at the PrLmarys. <br />It was moved ?@.Trustee C.F,Prescott and seconded by Trustee H.J,Knudsen <br />the platt of South Harri-et Park 2nd Add, be accepted,carrled* <br />June 17,1922.Yas the time set for the Road Committee to look into <br />the street opening at Hirror Lake. <br />Received from !'f%3,Joy Street Commlssionery$7.60 for grading a% In%- <br />srlachen Club. <br />TJoved by Trustee C .F.Prescott.and seconded by Trustee .H.J,Hnuben <br />the following bills be allovred, hd warrents were dram for same. <br />a <br />c <br />I <br />V,S.Joy Street Conmissioner $113.02 <br />I54,32 John Tracy <br />I46,52 * <br />152.45 Ralph Wind Ty7alt er Hoag I50 . 37 . <br />54.75 Ran MBGuire <br />Xike Delaney <br />I41 . 38 Leo Delaney . Laborer 75.00 <br />IOO,20 Fred M~11er <br />Thos ,Fite 78 . 60 <br />80 040 <br />17.Betchart <br />Jerry Cremak <br />Geo .?lilliams <br />J .D .AdamS CO - Scrapers 132.00 <br />@pia General Electric Co. Styeet lights 40.83 <br />L.Eidam Co. Groceries for poor 24.37 <br />Harry Hoskiss (Glaciela Go.) Trucks hauling, 789.64- <br />JOHN Costello and team 154.12 n <br />n <br />1) <br />11 <br />It <br />n <br />II <br />It <br />I3 <br />II 7.20. <br />Just3.s Lumber Co, Lumber 51 .$x <br />Flour City Transfer Go . For trucks 100.50 <br />Kenneth Moore Tending lanterns 15.95 <br />John Lilja Blacksmith work IO . so <br />]iZaro3-d Holmstrom Laborer Io80 . <br />h4ike Delaney Hauling scrapers 5.00 <br />Total $ZXKl <br />I <br />There being no further b&@ness the meeting vas adjanra8d <br />t <br />f