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IVIINUTES OF T-HE *PROCEEDLEGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COTJNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />THEREOF HELD ON THE &h OF JULY <br />I$22 <br />The meeting was called to ordep by Pmsident J.T.De1aney. <br />All members were present. e Minutes of the last meeting was read and approved,and approved as read. <br />It was moved by Trustee H,J,Knudsen and seconded by Trustee S.K;jStrong That all si-gns displayed on the highways of the Village of Edina,and run for revenue,be required to get permission from the Village Council. <br />The motion carried. <br />The Clerk was then instructed to write the following resolution. <br />Resolution : '!&ere as the highways of the Village of Edina are layed out and maintained <br />by the Village for the traffic of the public,and Yhere as business concerns are useing portions of said highvrays for <br />furtherance of their buSsness,therefore be it <br />Resolved that all buisness concems displaying signs on the highways <br />and running them for revenue be required to obtain permission from <br />the Vlllage Counci1,of said Village of Edina. <br />A committee consisting of President Delaney Trustees,S,K,Strong,and <br />H,J.Knudsen,vras appointed to wait upon the 8ounty Commissioners on <br />July 24th regarding the Milliam bridge. <br />PJr.G.M.Sachs presented his bond for Justls. of the Beaee on motion of Trustee H,J.Knudsen and seconded bg Trustee S,H.Strong it vras accepted. <br />The Committee on the Wnd Bitch reported it in good condition,it mas <br />there fore moved by Trustee S,R.Strong and seconded by Trustee H.J,Knudsen <br />that it be accepted-and paid in full.carried, <br />Mr.17.P.Cooper and l!lr.Pierson appeared at the meeting and ask for a road be laid out from Interlachen .Bvd.and Cooper's driveway North to the <br />Street Car tracks. Which was referred to.the road and bridge committee. <br />And placed on file. /- <br />Moved by Trustee C,F.Prescott and seconded by Trustee H.J.Hnudsen all <br />road bLlls be allowed carried. Moved by Trustee C,F.$rescott and seconded' by Trustee S.K.Strong the bill of Lyle Culvert & road Eqdpment Bo,be allowed.Carried. Moved by Trustee H.J.Knudsen & seconded by Trustee C.F.Prescott the <br />Assessoi?'s bill. of $275.00 be alloae&,carried. <br />Being authorlzed by the above motions Wun?ants were dram for the following. <br />Lyle Culvert 8c Road Equipment 00. for culverts $209.31 Dan F.lliIcGuire Assessing Village 275 .QO <br />148.50 <br />John Costello And team <br />?1 It 148.50 John Tracy <br />11 It 148.50 Mike Delaneg <br />147 .DO Dan McGuire <br />It I1 153.75 Ralph Vlnd <br />75 . 60 <br />\%I. 3.2, er Hoag Labor <br />It I? 73.80 <br />Wm.Betchart Jerry Chermak <br />62E .@LO Thos ,Fite <br />16.88 Fred Itliller <br />10.80 Henry Kr;r&m€W <br />A J . Perauet E.T .Edson Clerk salary (gmos .& supplies) 63.80 Minneapolis General Electric Street lights 40.83 <br />Hapley Wind Balance on Wind Ditch 86.37 Clerk of grimary election 5.10 <br />11 &Supplies to Iiokesh 5.65 J . J .Duggan <br />E.T .Edson J .F .Olinger Constable of Primary election 3.00 <br />Geo .Milliam dauling Cul'rerts from City 8 .OO <br />On motion meetdng id journed. <br />Y.S. JOB Road Commissioner 111 *a <br />Work on road 148.50 n It <br />11 11 <br />II <br />79.20 I) 1t <br />11 I) <br />El 11 <br />tb II <br />a <br />Total $2024.27