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All Officers responded to roll call. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />The Committee on "seeing the County Cornmissioneers "regarding the <br />Milliam bridge ,reported, The County vould send out material to repair the old bridge and a man to ovep see the work and next year would bulld a nem one. <br />The Commfttee reported that Coats Bull wanted $300, for r2ght of way <br />three blocks West from France Ave. on 49th Street.15 feet on the <br />Nortlli slde of center of street and 20~'feet on the South side of center of street. except two(2) acres sold recently on the extreme West of the three blocks mentioned above, <br />Motion by Trustee H,J.Knudsen and seconded by Trustee S.K.Strong <br />That the Coats Bull proposftion be layed on the table till the next <br />regular meeting, the motion prevailed and it was so ordered. Trustee H,J.Knudsen =as requested to confer with the Village Attg. Geo.S,Grimes regarding the matter. <br />Mr.Logd Peterson and others made application for work on 54 s%,and <br />Xerxa Ave South in Village of Edin&$on a line betaem Richfield & <br />Edina Villages Moved by Trustee H.J.Knudsen and seconded by S,K.Strong the road commlttee consult with the Richfield Council regarding the grading of <br />the street for a space gf six(6) blocks between 54th and 60th Street. <br />C arri e d . <br />Mr.N.Sigert appeared and ask for work on Dlvission St, & Vandervoort <br />Ave. And was told the Road Committee had the matter under consldera- <br />tEon . The Village Coixncil received notice fnom the Penny Excavating and Grading Cos' Attorneys they intended to bring action against the <br />Village for damages of $790.00 for breaking thru bridge at West 44th <br />Street. The matter was referred to the Village Attorney TilIr.Grimes. <br />Mr.G.M.Sach appeared as Attorney for NIrs.P.A.Johnson to induce the Council to give MrsJohnson $75,00 as damages to her property by the <br />opening of Halifax Ave. The Council rgfused to pay any thing. <br />?%e President reported,Fred Samson was allowed $750.00 damages, by r? <br />l{p f [l * 4 9 I I .I-, the Court of coxidemnation proceedings of Halifax Ave.r <br />The side walk in front of G.M .Sachs was ordered fLxed.Pres . JOT .Delaney <br />was to call and over see the work,Trustee H.J,Knudsen to order the <br />material At a special meetLng on July 24th a bill, of $190.00 was paid to the Glacier Cos for hauling gravel with trucks.Mo farthur buisness was <br />trans acted . <br />Motion bg Trustee S.K.Strong seconded by Trustee H,J,Knudsen we <br />allow the Hennepfn County Fair Association $200.00 when the funds <br />were availabletcarried. The Clerk was instructed to see James Burkmoes in regard io getting the gun and star and turn them over to Constable 0linger.llr Burk- moes having decided to reslgn the office of bonstable, <br />PAotion by Trustee S,K.Strorig seconded by Trustee H.J,Hnudsen all <br />road bills be allonred,carrled. <br />0 <br />J 'I IS\ \+- <br />* <br />W,S. Joy <br />John Costello <br />John $racy <br />Dan,McGulre Yalter Hoag <br />Ralph Wind <br />Ed Crarner Henry Cramer <br />Thos .Fite ?'J.Betchart Jerry Chermak <br />Street And team <br />I1 <br />tt <br />tt <br />11 <br />Labor <br />?I <br />tI <br />IC <br />rt <br />c ommi ss i oneer <br />Aoad work <br />11 <br />It <br />It <br />tl <br />11 <br /># <br />Ik <br />15 <br />n <br />$147.40 <br />163.88 <br />173.25 <br />20I.00 <br />140 e25 6.75 <br />6 675 103.60 <br />I02 20 75.20 <br />140 . 25 <br />Amount Forward