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It643 16 !- 89 <br />The mer3t4?.ng was called to order in the Grange Hall by the, Presidenti, <br />All 0TSlce-r~ wepe president and ansvered roll call. <br />Ths Committee of i'dr,Peterson and Clerk E.T.Edson io see Wir Russell <br />and tsec1ii-w deed to right of may across his property,reported <br />lW.Russel1 m.9 ill and they were unable to do SO. The committee <br />vas continued uXltl.11 they could do so. <br />The minutes of the last regular and special meetings mere read and <br />approved . <br />Mr,Chlsmce and Tvlr,Lilja made yequest for grading on Halifax Ave. <br />this falJ.They were informed the work would start in a few days. - <br />0 <br />Motion by Trustee H. J .Knudsen and seconded by Trustee S.K .Strong that Trustee C.F.Prescott secuye all the quit claim deeds of right of nay to property on intersection of South line of Block 27 Milendolssohn Addition in the VZlage of Edina and the main highway Just South of Mirror Lake,and extending Test along Block 27 28,2@, <br />and 30 of sa5-d Mendelssohn Addition.Also to confer with Village At.tok-ney Geo.S,Grimes in the matter, Clerk to notify Attg,Grimes, Tr~~tw C,F,Prescott to try to make a satisfactory settlement with <br />h4s:q EnLund,b?rs ,Austin if possible , <br />lYoved. by Trustee C .F .fgrescott seconded by Trustee S .H .Strong tha; <br />Justice of the Peaoe G.M.Xachs be allowed to get blanks foq the <br />o.S'f%ce of Justice of the Peacetcarried and so ordered. <br />Moved by Trustee H . J .Knudsen seconded by Trustee S .K .Ptr=ong the <br />VIlkge pass a resolution prohibiting the parking of Motor vekcle <br />un1iChteda.t night along the high ways or selling of liquor in <br />thc Vl.11a.p of EdinaJthe wording of the resohxtion to be left to Rtt.oi*ney Geo.S,Grimes. Carried. Trustee C .F.Prescott to take the <br />matter up with Attorney Grimes, <br />*. <br />Ths road Idornmkttee and the Street Commissioner to meet on Tuesday <br />October 17 at one o'clock on Halifax lay out the work pre- <br />paritoirg to grading thr Ave. <br />Moved and Eeconded the Council be Judges and Clerks of the first sat. Rlr.Lov. Strong,Mr,John Rutledge,Dan McGuire Judges kil??.J+J Duggan <br />Albert, Olingsr Clerks of the seconded setJcarried. <br />Nr.;Xohn Butledge being unable to serve KMr.G .M.Sachs was appointed <br />ta fill. the place, <br />There behs no flwther business the meeting adjmjrned <br />+& Rec.order ,