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90 \ <br />The meeting was called to order by President J,T.Delaney, <br />A11 Officers answered roll call but Trustee C .F.Prescott <br />;.rho -mas absent on account of change in time of~meeting. <br />Uinixtes of the last meeting were read and approved. <br />;?r.G,Id.Sachs qpearred as a ciomrnittee fi?om tlze School Eoard <br />to ask the Village Council That vas Intended regard to <br />keeping the roads open this minter. <br />And mas infarmed they were to be keep open 8.5 far as poss2ble I 1- or practia1,but in case of deed snows followed by high rands there nou3.d be times when it would be impossible to do SOe <br />And was also advised that the School Board be prepaired to haul <br />the Puptls vIth team, lCPmSachs was ask to drax7 up resolution prohibiting to pa-rking af <br />un-lighted motor w6hTcles along the high ways and the sellfng OF <br />liquor fn the Vxiiage of Editufa, Attorney Grimes having failed <br />-7n do so. Nr.Sachs to hand Zhe'same to the Clerk vhen rrrftten, <br />fifrustee H.J,Knudsen moved seconded by Trustee S,K,Strong- the following road bills be ahosed, beZng for trro months ,no bills <br />mere paid in October for lack of funds, Barrled <br />:'?.SoJoy. Btreet Cnmmiwsioneer $222,48 <br />Dan ,Mc Gutre with team'. 286, I3 <br />James Cobwn 279 e75 E. Bet chart Labor I26eOO <br />3 .C oburn l'?ith team 64,1:3 <br />Ed Kramer Labor 3.80 <br />I2,60 Ben Roe <br />I2,eO Ai Loveus <br />S6,OO R .Eetchart Is! <br />7.20 Roy R!lilton+ tt <br />Chris Hansen Tfitli team 70 e13 <br />23 .T .P;lcCready Labor I8 .oo L.Strong IF 7.40 <br />I4e00 Leon Sherman- <br />John Tracy miCh team 3.38 <br />It <br />It <br />u <br />It <br />L2md by TrusteeS.K.Strong seconded by Trustee H. JAnudsen the <br />folloving be paid,carried. <br />John Lilja Blacksmkth 8 5.00 <br />Am Jensen Fo* gravel I7s60 <br />96,60 Alfred Loveus <br />J,T.Delaney Committee ?C elect.$9,70 <br />33m10 <br />29,70 H J .Knudsen J. J .Duggan Elecfiion 6 .GO <br />J .F .Olinger '' Constable3*00 <br />G .I4 .Sachs <br />D ,F .NicGuire Albert Olinger <br />L.E .Strong <br />E .T .Edson <br />Ge0,iYillson Judge Elet>t,ion 3.60 $I890.28 <br />It <br />S.K .Strong sr <br />ir <br />3 m60 <br />3 s60 <br />3.60 <br />3.60 <br />ft <br />tl <br />(1 <br />!Y <br />Salary & Election Supplies 82 ;9G <br />. Koved by Trustee SOKStrong seconded by Trustee R,S,Knudem-the Follon1n.g be paid,carried.Geo.S .Silk $SI,ZO,Kimeapolis Genzrsi <br />Electric Co.8Ee66 J.F .Kolcesh 2 ,50 iiinneapolm Fire Department 9Ze50,J,E.Cardareha IO.OO,Total tor the month $890,28 It. vas moved by Trustee H.J.Knudsen seconded byTrustee S&.Skrong ne' accept the Coat& Bull paopositdon of $300.00 for right of my <br />on ','lee+ 49th Street,CarrIed. <br />iloved by Trustee H.J,Knudsen seconded by Clerk E,T,Edson the bSLl of Attoyney Grimes be paid.$I50,00 carried <br />1i:oved by Trusf'ee S .K ,Strong seconded by Tr?.zstee H. J .Knudsen %he <br />Eldarn bill be bayed on the table,t,he Clerk be instructed to rrrlte E <br />Eidam 2~ GO there must be an ItBmrzed account account &beompang the <br />4 <br />c