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TIALTER f;'f PUGH ee <br />LILLIAN €'UGH <br />His 7iife. <br />JOHI? LILJA <br />B <br />BLENDA C .LILJA <br />His Wife <br />DESCRIFTION OF LAND <br />The front five (5) feet of Lot six (6) in Block Oae (I) in Stevens First Addition to Iffnneapolis, according to the plat thereof on file and of <br />record in the office of the Register of Deeds in and for said Hennepin Gounty for the purpose of <br />a public highvag.I7aPranty Deed to V4llage of Ediria <br />fa*-cbnsideration of one ($I)Dollar and other <br />valuable consideratian Dated,Mag 29th 1922. <br />.The front Easterly five (5)feet of Lot seven (7) <br />Block One in Stevens First Additlon to l.Enneapol:"Ls, <br />according to the plat thereof on file and of record <br />in the office 6P the Register of Deeds in and fol? said Hennepin Cotmtg for theipurpose of a public highwag.Yarranty Beed to Village of Edina,€n can- <br />sederation of One (1)Dollar and other valuable <br />Considerations Dated Eay 29th,I922. <br />FRANK HASSLIXGER The front Zasterlg five (5)feet of Lbt One (1)in <br />IDA V.HASSLINGER according the plat thereof on file and of record in <br />His Piife the office of the Register of Deeds in and for said <br />Hennepin County,for the purpose of a public highxq. <br />Tarrantg deed to Village of Edina,Dated llay 29,11322. <br />sc Block One (I) in Stevens Fipst Addition to ILimeapolis, <br />H ,C .HANSOW 2c <br />SIGEifA IWIfSON <br />His Pfife ,Signed <br />Sigma Hansen <br />That part of the Bortheast quarter (XE-$F of the <br />Southeast quarter( SE2) of Section Eighteen (18) <br />Tomship Twenty eight (28) Range Trrentn-fow (24) describEd and bounded by a line as follovs: <br />at. Commencing at a point forty (40)rods JTorth and six <br />.I r, 3- hundred and thirty-one and forty-one-one-hundpedths <br />(631,4I)feet Tiest of the Southaast corner of the <br />IiortheaSt quarter( NE;) of the Southeast Quarter( sa>) of said Section Eighteen $18) ;thence North Eighty: <br />eight(88)feet :thence at right angles T&-t':thirty (30) Feet to the North and South line dividing said Ifclrth- <br />east quarter (NE*) of the Southeast quarter( SE$) of <br />said Section Eighteen in the center; thence at right <br />angles South along said center line eighty-eight(88) <br />feet;thence at righL angles Eawt-i along thirty (50) <br />feet to the point of beginning;intending hercby to <br />convey to the Village ,of Edina for thr purpose of a <br />public highway the 'Jest thgrty (30)feet of that <br />certain tract or parcel of land conveyed by and c'es- cribed in a certain contract for a deed dated April 13th 1922,by and between Ella F9.Nelson and Albsiafq <br />LNeison her husband,vendors to H.C .Hanson as vendeee <br />"I'larranty deed,dated Xay 19th 1922, <br />e <br />- <br />&ACE G,BUNDAY ZC That part of the Northeast quarter (1TEk)of the <br />E.CLARENCE BU1JDAYBSoutkeast quarter ( SEk) of Section Eighteen (18) <br />Her Eus band described and boundedby a line as follovs: <br />Commencing at a point in the NorLh and Sout'n line <br />dividing said NortheaGB quarter (NEi) of the Soixkheast quarter (S~2)of sald Section Eighteen (18) the :-. <br />center, twelve (12tl)l rods North of the South bounclrg <br />line of sald Northeast quarter(BE2) of the Southsast <br />quarter (SEk) of aaid Section Eiehteen (I8); Thence <br />florth on said egnter line twelve (12) rods; Thence <br />East at right angles Chirtg (30)feet; thence South at right angles twelve(I2)rods; Thence East thirkg (30)feet to the point of beginning,for the Purpose <br />of a public highway. Uarranty deed,dated June 22nd <br />Tomship Twenty-eight (28) Range Twenty-four (24-j, <br />e: I922 b <br />l~my E,AR.~~~~ ~ The East Thirty (30)feet of the Southvest qu-artei- (STJ) of €&e Northeast quarter (NE$) of the Southeast CHARLES A*AR1NE quarter(SE2) and the South one-half (Ss) of the <br />Morthmes t quarter (NY;) of the Northeast O,uai.ter (18 Her husband <br />the Southeast Quarter (NEiTif ~32) all in ~actioc. <br />Eigh%een( 18) Tomship Trrenty-eight (28) ,R&inge Trrenty-four 124) containing fifteen acres more 01' <br />less according to the suyveg thereof,for the purposes of a public high';lag. <br />Xarranty deed,dated May - 6th 1922. <br />%