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Meeting of the Village Council xias called to order by Trustee <br />C .F.Prescott. <br />Roll call vias answered by Trustees H. J ,Knudsen,S .K ,Strong and c .F.Fre%cott. Clerk E.T.Edson. President J.T.Delaney and the <br />Treasurer J . J .Dug;gan were tardy, but Pres .Delaney on cornming <br />took the chair. <br />Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. The Committee to go with Nir,Keydt to see the Northfield and <br />Southern Railroad about putting in a crossing at 48th street and Brookside Ave. 4s Mr.Heydt had not called them there was <br />no report to make. <br />A communication Of Pearl M.Lindsley of Browndale Park was read <br />and ask co-opperation of the Copncil in erecting a snow fence on Hest 44th street between Mac&y Ave. And Hazel Ave. Two Blocks <br />The County having expressed a &.llingness to furnish material, after some dZscussion there was found other places needing snow <br />fence,some 3300 hundred lineal feet was estimated, On motion of <br />Trustee H.J.Knudsen seconded hy Trustee S.K.Strong a committee be appointed to mait on the Coimty Commissioneers and find out <br />horn much they mere willing to Surnish,the motion prevailed and <br />the President appointed Trustee H.J.Knudsen and President J.T. <br />Delaney, <br />The rrorfr, of erecting the fence was left to President J.T.Delaney <br />to secu-re some one Motion by Trustee S.K,Strong seconded by T-msSeee H.J.Knudsen the <br />the petition of the Minneapolis General Eltectric Co. mas granted permission to erect I2 poles on Seth Ave between 5th Ave. & Arthur <br />Stpeet 4poles in the alley between Arthur & Griffeth Street South of Raiiroad tracks. <br />Trustee S.K .Strong having urgent buisness was excused. <br />Received of Justice of the Peace G,M.Sachs 35.5D9 ~1: fine Of J.Bb Caplo for unlawful parking car and misconduct. <br />MotSon by Trustee C .F.Vrescott,seconded by Trustee H.J .Knudsen <br />$5.00 be allowed G.M.Sachs for a Justice of the Peace Manual. <br />Motion carried and so ordered. <br />nfoved by Trustee H.J.Knudsen seconded by Trustee C .F.R?escott the <br />Bill of $40.00 of Dr Blake be held over for investigation by the <br />C1ex-k ,carried . IJoved by Clerk E.T .Edson the folloaLng bills be allowed,carried. Tarrant s viere dravn . Old Yarrants Tpl:en TT? From 1921 Leo Delaney Gravel $48.25 #2444 9 4 35,66 <br />43.50 Ed Cramer <br />Leo Delsney rr 43.50 2445 58.13 It <br />2 <br />Dan IVIcGulre team $67.13 2443 I52 e00 <br />2442 77 00 Int. $19.28 <br />14.40 <br />I&@$-- <br />it <br />James Coburn " 56.25 2447 <br />Mike Delaney " ~ 43.50 2449 147 000 <br />Vialter Hoag It 7.50 2446 I47 00 21 32 <br />John Olinger Lab 20 .oo 2 448 147 800 LO e61 Andr en '!!e b be r 34 . 00 2440 26r I .89 <br />B.Betchart <br />17'Betchart <br />H .V.Eebber 11 20,oo Minneapolis Gen.Electrlc 40,83 <br />Louis Stalzman I' 23 . 20 F . J .Kokesh Hardware 1.40 <br />I.S.Joy Street Corn. 51.70 G .PA Sachs Justice Manual 5 .OO <br />Lf yL IS J.J.duggan road wTth team 7.5Q / : Id. 49 5 <br />Total for month $1760 -20 <br />tt 7.20 2441 50.63 E.54 <br />tt 7.20 2450 I47 ,r IO 066 <br />Harry VanAtten 'I 23.20 J . J .Duggan 1127.64 81 070 <br />Ho furter buSiness the meeting adjnumld KJ Recorder