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Edina Village Counc2.3 met in regular sesslon at the Grange Hall March <br />10th 1923. <br />meeting called to ordr>r by President J .T .DeZaney. <br />All members of Cou~ir:i% ansrrered roll call, <br />Minutes of the Fsbru9rp:ZQth and special meeting of February <br />20th were read and 8.pproved. The Committee to find cost of right of way of road AS petitioned by <br />'IrieEaCOde and others,reRorted that most of the property omers vere <br />in favor of the roaci as propose8,Sorne mere v911ing to give the right <br />of sray if the Village would build the fences,some rranted just vhat <br />the lalzd mas mort$. Idr.J,B.Perry was present and after much discussion <br />safd he must have 150Qe86 for his land and damages, <br />It vms moved by Trustee H.J.Rnudsen,seconded by Trustee C .F.F, reScott <br />the report of the cornittee be accepted and the committee be continued <br />motion cr=wied. <br />The JustT-ce of the Feace G.M,Sachs reported to the Clewlk he thought it necessary to keep the new Docket book as the old one rras not spaced <br />right for the new foms, suggestion was accepted and the nerr one ordered paid forb <br />The Clerk vas ask to ,trp BndCga0 iin touch with Wr.L,Peterson in s3e- <br />-gar6 Avenue.Sou"ih. <br />Er ,Hegdt vas present and <br />failel! to come,tto see slrhat could be dom about 8. crossing at 48th <br />Street and Brookside over the Xinneapol.5-s Northfield and Southern <br />Railroad tracks. It was sisgestsd that vie see 5.f the Rarilroad Company nould Dive an opening in their fence they could follov thecright of .i;.ay one block I <br />Earth to the present crossing. VOPr,Regdt was vlllins €0 do th3.s until!! <br />the crosslng at 48th Street could be securedo <br />The Ennual Village election conming on the 13th of this j!Ojlth, <br />Trustee S+LStrong,Albert Olinger and John Ru4;ledg.e be sppointe4 <br />Judges os" election and G.K.Sachs and Clarence Knudsen as cJwks of <br />elec Go-is, 1% s~as fowld Mp,Rut,ledge and Albert Olinger TTQIII~ be <br />unable to sewe and C-bfs Hansen wd Georze TiTZson rew appointed, <br />Koved by Tru-stea M ,J .Rnu.dsen andiseconded by Trustee C ,F.Fx*escat.t <br />all road bills be allowed carriedo <br />Yoved by Tr~xs'tee H .J .Knudsen seconded by Trustee S .K ,Strma~; the ' i'ollo~ir-ig bil1,c Le psld.Creeied, <br />a deed to r2ghte of s*my across Mi:r,,Russells property on Xerxes <br />said MroTindgale would be present, but <br />e <br />Jmes Cobam team $ 88,65 John Lilja Bl3.CkSIIli-bh 5 c.45 <br />Dan YcGuire 1t 60075 Harry Hansen. SPI@~.~emlg 5-n Le IO A.Cobum 11 27010 L~E~S~POD~ tl <br />R .Eoag ti 6,75 C.W,Glrard * Lg borb 5 0 15. 0 S%:reet, Cum. 8T.,68 A Anderson I1 <br />I la20 <br />J .J .DugEs.n lr G,75 Leo Delaney " tean 24 03R <br />9 e63 <br />22 ,E30 <br />I9 020 <br />42 080 <br />3,20 <br />1.80 <br />8 <br />I4 0 00 <br />32a40 <br />3060 <br />32040 <br />It <br />41 <br />tl <br />It <br />It <br />11 <br />17 0 20 <br />3e50 <br />39 e60