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104.3 it 6 <br />• <br />MINUTES OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A REGULAR MEETING <br />HELD THEROF ONTHE 14th DAY OF APRIL <br />1 9 2 3 <br />:f.c•'G\L � \; V ^f Jllsy v,.r4v Y:f .GY ^+.�Y.�:M.tid:ir �iY.�'f V .IV U,r v, II:: �'v.J.J::♦ <br />IC.w i> i\ i� i\ ii..: I! K' n A iP,ia ri /i it� r+ rt".K'.l.a r! .r u A n K91 f! wC iCa� rC iC rPN ,t. Kr..� r. •C <br />Meeting called to order by President J.T.Delaney. <br />All members answered roll call. <br />Minutes of the previu.s:.meeting were read and approved. <br />Committee on right bf way repoted.,on the petition of 17.E.Code and <br />others that the Tracy Heirs were oohing out as soon as possible <br />to look over the situation. <br />Mr; :Wyman was willing to take at the rate of $500.00 per acre for <br />his right of way, <br />President Delaney reported the deed to the right of way on rest 49 st. <br />was ready but the abstract and title were to be examined. <br />Mr,7,11.R.Clark was present and ask about grading Sinn It .A,venue;and <br />space fix for walk.he was told the work was to be done and it was <br />the custom- to assess costs back to property. <br />Moved by Trustee S.K.Strong seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen that <br />a notice be published notifying property owners to be present at <br />next regular meeting May 12th 1923. carried, <br />Mr.Sv- nquist was present and presented a petition bequesting that <br />Seth Avenue East of IIeAdelssb n road to Interlachen Club be made <br />full width to relieve the snow condition in printer, <br />Moved by Trustee H.J.Knudsph seconded by Clerk Edson the Petition <br />be accepted referred to the road and bridge committee and that <br />be published motion prevailed. <br />Mr.vike Schack and others on his road were present and ask to have <br />their road widened and graveled. <br />Moved Trustee S.K.Strong seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen the request <br />referred to the road and bridge committee carried. <br />Nr.J.F.Olinger also requested to have his road finished up as pet - <br />ition several years ago to make it possible to get out one way ob <br />the was referred to the road committee. <br />The matter of the Sampson verdict of $1150.00 damages on Halifax Ave. <br />was taken up. Trustee S.K.Strong was, not in favor of paying such <br />amount `and was in favor of an appeal. It mas moved by Trustee <br />S.K. trong and seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen the chair appoint a. <br />cor_mii ttee to interview Atty.Grimes regarding an appeal. carried. <br />The chair appointed S.K,Strong & J,T.Dela-ney as committee. <br />Mr.A7_ Loveus a.rd Ben Moe 'ask for a street along the East s•idr of <br />their property connecting 50th Street and a street in Thorp Bros. <br />plat t . ' tra.s tole the Council would take it up with Thorp 'Brots, <br />Ps17r.L .U'9- !"ch of A, a.ckey Avenue presented a petition for a sldetralk <br />on the Ejest side of Mackey Avenue along lots 9J.10 TIJI2 Block 7 <br />Browndale Park. Moved by Trustee S.K.Strong seconded Trustee I.J. <br />Knudsen the petition be granted and costs of improvements be assessed <br />to property not on prevailed. <br />C.A.HoZm ask for some cork on proposed road from Interlachen Blvd. <br />hie Cooper drive way North 2200 feet to Street Car tracks <br />referred to the Road and 'Bridge committee. <br />1,Tr.7 .,.Clark on the 71 -find farm ask for an approach to dri vec. *ay was <br />told it would 'be taken care of. <br />Moved by Trustee S .K .Strong seconded by Truatee H.J.Knudsen that <br />the TIllson road running South frog, the Edina School to South line <br />of the Village be known as Normandale Boulevard :carried, <br />Tho bohJ o? the State Bank of Hopkins for cutody of Village funds <br />br r-iot-.Ion of Clerk Edson seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudsen was <br />accepted. <br />Treasurer J.J.Duggan offered his bond�and on motion of Trustee <br />ri.J.Tr..udser by Clerk Edson was accepted. <br />The Clerh's 1,ord on motion of Trustee H.J.Knudsen seconded by Trustee <br />S.N.S(.ro-rg was accepted. <br />A rio f .i on by Trus tee H.J.Knudsen sec onded by Truatee 5 .K .Strong the <br />a0st�02- 0 0 _s bond Oe accepted carried <br />