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IZEXTXS OF THE PROGCEDXEGS VILrL,&~ 6omqcIL OF VILT,AGE OF EDIKA AT A EGTM ~EE~J$G HELD THEREOF or2 THE 52t3 DAY OF p~y <br />I923 <br />.''-~-''Z..'.,~~~"-'~~~~~*u*~~~*8~U *+ *LW..*~~~-~:p~.u.w v-+ I* u wu v.y,.+-,.,- ,. 4. I. .. .I *. I> .* *. I. .. , 1. ***.,--,,*:* .. ., ',,, ,, ,,~~~,-..*~~-;,*-.-~:~~,,-~ *,*$&.bc;,.;,. <br />Blee'Efn9 cz"*l?lad -Ea OFBEP by ~iiee~~e~~f; J .T *Dexqne-Jr. <br />AI1 menbers ~nscered roll ca.21. <br />Hi~utes of the re~ubtn~ aac? special ~~.t:ngs read RPpp,>7,JI=.d p.s read <br />The wt0ter 0.P ~5dentng Setk! Avenl-le from 1"errrdelssohn ropq to Inter- <br />leehen CInb T@.S ~F!CWI ~p~~3.s pet4tion and advert5sed for tP:ls pee tin^;, rlTr dba-loney,l!r SnaveIy 9 nc? 8 everal ot,hers TWW present, <br />duscussion It YPS Sound that onl:~ the fmt block lrpeded ~:..idenf_v;~ 1% TELS moved by Trrrs-Gec Sb;H .~trong,ceconcied by ~rustee c; ,F .ppesco$,t <br />the petition be -re"cLurned to the property oc'ners for pe-~~pitinci. csppfed <br />Rutledge Avenue LO be graded one block Suut;~ j?-i%ro Djtri,spf.on Stpeek. <br />?'Oti@Xl tvO a-GGep% petVt%ifon by 'frrxstee 8 ,I< .StPorig segol*-t$eri by Tpus tee <br />C .F.Trescotttand aseess cost of grading Rutledge &vente piao;?epts,y,, E'otion prevenled <br />A pet.i_%ion to open T.48t.h Street and SroolreLCs Aven~e ACPQSS t1-w i ' UhbeQpolL~ KorthS? rld 2c Southern R .R.tracks 7p.'qs presented mnri <br />up Lke'7.ETeydt rind S'.tQ.TSn~d~.le's representxitive vas ppes~i-tf,r It was rmved by Trw 2;ee S .K Strong secondsd by Trustee Ii J .IZrmdsen the Chair appoint a committee to confer rith %he Railroad people <br />regarding the cross3-ng motion carried the Chair appointed Trustee <br />SIKeStrong,CLerk E,T ,E$son and Tingdaic?. representative v:a.s to go <br />nith the committee, <br />~~r,L,Petersen,~~r.~,~s~er and others from 54th. Street and Xerxes Ave. <br />sere present and said the Richfield CoumiZ vas ready to cooperate <br />Tith Edina Council for the grading Xepxes from 54 t,o 58 Street, <br />fiem told as soon as the two Councils could arrange-.a neeting the <br />matter 7::ould be %&en care of. A reso3iutlon offered by Er,Petersen for opening roads =as referred to <br />Village Attorney Geo,S.Grimes,on motion by Trustee H,S.Knudsen seconded <br />by Trustee S .K,Strong.carried. <br />P:irOIGcN~~hti of Bronndale Park was present and mantled to knov if a <br />grade had been established at 44th Street and Brooks Ave al,*r,l~cKaught <br />ovmlng lots IIand 12,blo~k 8,Brov;ndale Park,said he mnted to set out .trees and fix lavm preparatory to building a resfdenCe, <br />~~irJJc13a~h'c r:az told the road committee and property ow-iem ca1_rld <br />Mr,Segnalter ras ask b9 the South,$Xvic Club to petition tbfs COu3?cI!. for a sidevall: from Streetcar track at Brookside North across 13% <br />Docken's property to South line of Village of Saint Louis Tar%. IJi[r,Docken ras present and ask $200,0O for the right of ~ay, 1% F'%I <br />moved by Trtistee K.J,Knudsen seconded by Trustee C .F,PrescoLt the <br />road committee meet Itr.Docken and look over the ground,cari?ied. <br />Nir.Sigers ask for something of a road to his place <br />from Divission Btreet.He GELS told to get up a petition to that effect <br />and present it to the ComcS1. <br />Mr.J ,Moore 578s present and wanbed to know what Tk?_orrps Eros +rcmld <br />about a more favorable opening to his propertg,'Eas told that Thorp Bros.could not change their present platting at this the. <br />yir.F,H,Willson,Fred S.Child were present and ask for a donation t.0 the County Fair Association for 1923':and as no one had heard of any opposition to the donation in the Viilage,it vas moved by Trustee <br />R,J,Enudsen seconded by Trustee C .F,Prescott we donate $200.00 frOr <br />%he Village funds as Edina's share Carrfedo <br />A committee from the Edina Improvement adsociation asking lor sone improvements in different parts of the Village also on? light on <br />The grange people ask the Councll to help then secwa electrfc lights <br />for the Grange Hall,the Chair appointed Trustee S.K.Strong,Clerk E.T,Edson,and Mr,ChSld also said he vzould go with the cOnnft%eE <br />interview the Electric Light people ,on motion by Trustee H,J,Enudsen <br />seconded by Trustee C .F.Prescott,carried. <br />It was moved by Trustee S.K.Strong seconded by Trustee H.J.Knudseu <br />The Chair appoint a committee to draft an ordinance regulating the <br />rrater & sey$gy <br />appointed Clerk E.T.Edson,Tru&ee $.K.S%rone; and Prustee C .F.Prescott as cornu;zftteei <br />0 <br />nft.a:rc <br />Apetition ppesenked F?,T I:r.Fuchsnan and SevPraJ- others as~~~-~l~ BJ <br />e <br />establish a grade 6 r23. <br />on Vandervoofi Ave, <br />8 <br />1 <br />0 .Hazel Avenue an6 44th Street. <br />. <br />\ '+.. system and their eonnectionsJcarried. the Chair