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105 <br />MIHUTES OF THE PROCEEDING OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A SPECIAL MEETING <br />HELD THEREOF ON THE 22nd OF MAY <br />I923 <br />J',.V,ZC .,,.X >r..~C-V-.YI>C.%2LY, w2w:252ssrr< x1z25:%~~-Y.rv..-v 95-v 4, ~~~~Z:-'~.~LV.JCZC~~.~".~.~C~~-~ .%XP a. *b ,\ t> *A 0 ID d. I) 't I. e\ 4, 3, 6, n a n t% n #, #+ n 1. #\ rC 6 rPXb 1% rb 6s 0 a #\ r% db u. 4- 1. ts #% .r' <br />Meeting called to order by President J.T.Delaney,at the home of <br />the Clerk. <br />Members answering roll call were President J .T .Delaney, Trustee <br />S,R.Strong Clerk E.T.Edson.Trustees H.J,Knudsen and C .F.Prescott <br />were abs e& . The meeting was called Eol? the purposecoB granting Thorp Br0s.a franchise for mater and one for sewer, .I <br />Rletter from Attomey J.E.O'Brien to the Council was read,sayin@ it was a matter for the Village Council to decide rather than a <br />legal question,but also stated he could see no objection to the <br />separation, Therefore It was rnoved,after some d#scusseion,by Trustee S.K .Strong seconded <br />Clerk E,T,Edson that a franchise for sewer be granted the Country <br />Club District,carried. Moved by Clerk E-T..Edson and seconded by Trustee S,E.Strong that a <br />franchise for ma%er be granted the Country Club District,carried. <br />On motion the meeting adjaigm-mi Wec order <br />MINUTES OF A SPECIAL MEETING HELD JUNE 8th I923., <br />A meeting of the Richfield and Edina Cowlcils held at the Grange <br />Hall. Meeting called to order by President J .T .Delaney. <br />.*Joint meeting of the Two Counclls was called to talk over the survey as made by the Richfield Engineers concerning the cost og grading and letting contracts on Xerxes Avenue South from 54 to 58th Street <br />54 to 56th street to be a complete job and 60 feet wide and costs <br />'assessed to ?.bbuting property,56 to 58 street to be graded 30 ft. sride,the cosL:of the entire job to be between $3000.& $4000. Trustee B'ioved by P,J.Christian,of the Richfield Council and seconded by <br />Trustee 3.K.Strong we accept the survey as offel?@@ by the Richfield 0 Engineers capried. I Trus b5e Moved byAG .H.Gummings of Richfield seconded by Trustee S.K Strong <br />me proceed to advertise for bids on two separate contracts,ca.rried. <br />One from 54 to 56 street and one from 56 to 58 street. <br />>:.v. >a:* *'.CcZ'..'C35 ,I 6. ,, *, ,, 1, ,, ,, ,h <br />The Clerk of each Village was appointed to meet with the Engineer4s <br />to draw up notice and advertise the sane,the bids were Lo be <br />opened in Richfield Hall June 29.A11 bids must be accompanied by a certified check of 5% of amount bid.The Conncils reserved the right to reject any and all blds. <br />As previouE13f agreed each Village vas to pay one half (&) of the <br />Gntire cost of %lie job, <br />s'Mr,Fields the Richfleld Engineer wqs present and explained su~vey <br />and assisted with suggestions <br />The Clerke mere to meet Tuesday June I2,a.t 2:30 P.M. aL Nr Fields' <br />3 <br />/= <br />Office - <br />1\30 further 73udirneSS the meeting adqurned on motion. zr, y&&<.L,L <br />Recorder. <br />/