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mriuTEs OF THE PROCEEDIPJGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />COUNCIL OF %‘HE’ VILLAGE OF EDIXA AT A REGULAR PtiEETIWG <br />HELD THIBEOF OR THE 9th DAY OF JUNE <br />I923 <br />:~IC.~~.~C:’~.V:C:~-~‘~.~ZC.”..~~.~’.E=:I,J~:~. :c:cu “..v.4C:’...CZ’.~~..”.~’.22~~.’t,v,~r..y.~,-~.u_.~~tr, #* eb #I I)& n 1) ab A I. *r I. I. rL ab a& 0 a. 1, #. #b n?k #I) #b fi C. n 0 /r II 6s rb C. 6) a I* 8. u 8, <br />hleeting called to order in the Grange Hall by President J,T,Delaney . <br />A13 Officers ansrrered roll call, <br />Minutes vere read of the regular and three special meetings and were approved with the <br />Trustee H 6 J .Knudsen reported On seeing Mj?s .Frank FJa1et.z relatives at Royalton a LIP John Honig,rrho said he would take care of iilrs,Waletz <br />if he 80% pay for her keep,but would rather not <br />-The Committee to see the Rail Road Cog about a crossing at, Erookside <br />and 48th Street 17est.Reported having seen the Company an6 they were milling to give a crossing and make the fill later. <br />e minutes of $me 8th to read 5% instead of $5000. <br />. <br />have her there, <br />Niss HefiitPl vas present and ask for some work on Tracy A~e,as it vas in bad coddition and a culvert which had been promised some the ago The mater vas referred to the road committee and M~SS Heritt v8s told <br />Ztrrrou3.d be taken care of. <br />Kr*PeTsons vas present and ask for a road to his place on the rear of the Preston Cooper farmJand in viev of the Inaccessable location 8 <br />it cas moved by Ti-ustee S-I<.Strong seconded by Trustee C .FDPc+escotL that the rozd committee take a slant or Tiem of the road East and ?Jest to the comer of Vir PersonsF farm9carried. <br />A petition to open Vandervoot Ave,from Divission street to N.Xigert. <br />vas read and mokion vas referred to the road committee. <br />Kr.Y,E,Code presented a small plat% of some of his and Joe Code’s <br />. land and na.s told the _8lanniing 8ommission have to pass on iL <br />before ve could accept it. <br />Mr,BaB,%oore rTas present and ask for some work on Aurors? Ave,and also <br />ask to have the street light on Vest 44th st.maved one pole East to <br />light up Aulaora A-ve as me11 as 44th st. It F:~S referred to the road committee. <br />Er,Rolt,z and sevsra1 other% I‘Eere present and ask for some rrork on their road in the Southygnd of’ the ViZfage. On mot&on by Trustee <br />H.J,Knudsen seconded by Trustee S.R.Strong it was referred to the c <br />road commit-t;eE . <br />Ilf .D .F .LrcG-i_rire ms pi-esent and made e. plea For more yases for a team said 806 per huur for man and team and 45 for n; ZsPb Lao little Poi- the tertm. <br />After coas5deri~g the matter @or some time it was moved 1.:- Z”~7istee <br />S.K*Stroxq seconded by Trustee C .F,Prescott cie p~y 906 For team and 50# per hour for menecarriedo <br />XP .i”s cGuZ r+e expre s s e d di s s a. ti s f ac ti on t h tha. t s c edv 12 ~.nd n f 3,s P some disctissiori it ~73s moved tg reconsider the previous ~o’cion of <br />904 for team.C6.wAied . <br />1% vs?s moved ’IS;. Tmstee C .F,Prescotlt seconded by Trustee S .Y .Strong <br />ne establish en at 450 per hour,tmen,and teams st OO$ per ~OI-I:P. <br />Pwnp man at 504 per hovr,carried. <br />Aco~mwzlca-Lion frob the C .H,Borlus Agency saying they had tmde 8. mistake of $IO.OG iki the Assesser bond <br />amount to COU~CS~ by enclosing check, <br />A bill of bill of fo-mler Recorder Fred S,Child @.OO T-:q9 pftsen’se-d <br />for copying minutes in minute book,bg public StenogrLphgr, J,ioved by Trixstee C,F,Prescott seconded by Trustee H.J Jinudeer! the <br />bill be lai8 on the tabI.e,carried. <br />e <br />and were re%u-mjrig thnt <br />The Countr~y Club Bistrict’s acceptance of the franchise fox- Serer and <br />srater Bas read and on motion aas acknowledged and place on file,the <br />Clerk vas ordered to publish the franchises. <br />Mr,C677.Bender mas present as requested and gave us prices md data on . <br />an adding machine for use of the Village 0fSicers.He recorrended <br />machine no 153 for $175.00 Style 3105. Ltr Bender offered a mach2n.e <br />for the present use of the Assessor. After some consideration %t. vas <br />moved by Trustee H .J -Rnudsen,seconded by Tru-e-tee S,Ii ,SLrmg that the <br />Clerk see if there can suitable terns be made till the fi;ti?ds -sere <br />availabie,carried, <br />The Judges and Clerks for the Senitoria& Prhar s cere named as Judges J .T,Delane;rjS.K .Stx-ong% D ,F.YcGuire .Cler& E ,T .Edson 3c Clarence Knuas en e On motion by Trustee C.FIPreacot.t,seconded by H.J.Knudsen,J,T.Delaneg and E.T.Edson mere named to represent Edina at the KwZ~~P~ Convention