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I 10'7 <br />at Faii? June 20 and 21,1923.carried. <br />Roved by Clerk E.T.Edson,seconded by Trustee S.K .Strong all road <br />bi 11 s be a1 lowed, c arri ed . <br />Moved by the Clepk and seconded by Trustee S.K,Strong All bills as read be allowed carried. <br />Received Treasurer's <br />';;alter Koag team I972 hs $158.00 Treasurer foi? $IOI)@.@Q <br />A .Goburn 2 " 265 '' 212 -00 Advance 01-1 Jwne settlement. Dan NcGuire <br />Ralph Tind <br />Road Bills receipt to Coix-~ty <br />I52,40 Varrant Mo 47044 tb Igo'l-ff <br />58; 'I 46 a80 11 <br />C .Anderson Labor 722 32.40 <br />F .Petchart Dumpman I17 It 58 -50 <br />Andrew Bebber <br />3 ,I!JoNellIs Labor I213 54.68 <br />202 " 90.90 lt <br />Yf ,s .Joy Street Corn. 24 days I20 .DO .$nzKm <br />Other Bills . <br />J ,D .Adam k.00 Grader blade 7.50 A 0 Berger M <br />City & Coi.m%y Hospita1,Mrs Waleta 59.15 carried over. thme weeks and 2 days at $18 per. <br />James E.O'Rrdf,en drawing franchise 8~ <br />h?2nneapolis @m. Electric Co <br />Atty.Grirnes <br />legal advice 11'5.00 <br />Street lights 40 -83 $ 222.48 <br />Total for hionth $1148.16 <br />No farthw bus%ness,on motion the meeting adjam%-& <br />Co "ras $ 393.20 <br />$549.20 <br />156.00 <br />Recorder . <br />SPECIAL MEETING JUi'TE 29th 1923. <br />Meeting called persuant to the advertising of bids to be opened <br />on,this date in the Richfield Hall. <br />President Delaney,Trustee S.K.%trong 2 Clerk E.T.Edson present, <br />L <br />Three bids vepe Teceived as follows. 54 to 56 street 56 Lo 58 s'ctreet Total <br />Tkstardahl B F5she-r 8 2058.50 @ 1801.14 $ 3859.64 <br />Turnham & Tu-mham 2600.00 I300 .oo 3900 SO0 <br />A. J .Grove & Son 2900.00 IIOO .OO 4000 SO0 <br />After dvely covsideying the bids it Fas moved by Trustee S.K.Strong <br />of Ed'im 8rnd seconded Trustee B,Bachman of Richfield we accep-L <br />Vesterdtzhl, ?e FZsher's bid of $3859.64 motion carried.Vork to st8.rt <br />about Ju.1;~ 5 and be completed September First . I923 <br />Contrasts wwe signed and the Clerks mere instructed -bo attend to the <br />Bonds.Each Vlllage to get a bond for one half of the amount. <br />Nothing further, meeting adjo.Um&l - YM L5-b , ("-,-"".' 7,: <br />Recorder.