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DE THE PROCM3DIHIGS OF <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA AT A <br />THE VILLAGE <br />REGULAR B’EETI?TG <br />Einiltes of the regular and special meetings were read 2nd approved. <br />The Delegates to Faribault Convention reported they found the league <br />of L”unicipal5tics a very helpful organization and recornended joining. <br />12r.Cartak of the If.Y,part of the was present and ask for <br />some vork on Secorrrl Avenue,near the power house The road committee <br />had looked the road over and ordered some mor:: ‘hiem a.s soon 8.s <br />c ou7d be done a <br />Trustee S,X.Strone; reported for the committee 1311 tke crozsing a% 43st and Erookside,that the Railroad Compa.ny had put the pla~ks in for EI <br />crossrng and vould riake: the fi.11 as soon as they could, <br />?resident J .T .Celwneg reported the RoRd (3ornmSttE.e favor& R‘LI wider <br />gromd cross5ng at int,ersection of the RinnoapbEls Nortbfleld <br />Southern X ,fil;snd St ,Louis Park, and Edina Villages <br />Fr.G.Docken said he riould give the right of n8.y ff the ro9.d is <br />made 17here 2t should be. <br />The Cormittee r:w “c..ryTng to arrange a meeting at proposer; crossing <br />betveen the Raflroad Etngineers ,County Commissioneers ,The St .Loufs <br />?ark B Edfna Co~~mcils at an early a date as bo could. <br />Trustee C ,F,Prescott reported he had seen Attorfie3 Grimes ir! bcl?sLf of Errs .Fra.nk 5::~.LeFJz,S;ho said he ha11 t&en the case to Probets Court <br />a.nd rmnted a Guardian appolnted,and the amount the V-illaze h9d <br />spent In her behalf. <br />h”oved by Trustee H.J.Ku~dsen,seconded by Trustee C ,F.P~escott the <br />’Jillage ask :,“r Grimes to take t*he lsecessarj action in the c~se,c~rrZ~if <br />,