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I ,111 <br />It,r.Wegdl; 1 PS piqesmt. wnrith A letter from Tirigdale Eros .advi s:i thst <br />iL 7iw~~ u-p im Lhe Village Ootmcil to make the fill on 48St.k Erookside <br />cposstng of the V!inneapolis ,Northfield Southerrn,But T~S told it was <br />up *Lo tbe Rn..llmad Company as the Village had no right. or! the Railroad <br />prope~ty,also the Company having said they would make the fill RS socv es ~VP~ could,and that. when the rjoiht meeting of the Railroad <br />Pcople,SL,Louis Pmak & Bdfna was held ,the Coimcil viould take the <br />mt,tai* up ~JL t.h Lhe R .R .Representative on the ground a <br />AS the Couni< r ~35-r Association was gettlrig anxious ZOP lass", ysai-s' <br />donetionof ($00 -00 It vias moved by Truatee G .F,Wescott secouded by <br />dlerk E.TIEdson 'chat vie pay the $200.00,cPrried. <br />After du.Ly considering the road bills were allowed by motion of Clerk U.?!.Edson,seconded by Trus%ce C ,F.Prescott. <br />Also other bll-ls by motion of Trustee C.F.Prescott,seconded by Clark <br />E*T*CCiBOn~ <br />Thei-e ws $S,00 Pines turned in from Justice %.R.Anderson. <br />Received the balance of June Settlement $5262*2I making a total of <br />10762.21 for this settlement .- Auai-t;opt;s warrant 54064, <br />The Coi~--t-~t,y Mi-ipse ask for a bed fop a poor Boy in the 31-1cl Ave.DLst a <br />and said if L'iic Vllage VJOuld furnish the bed they would take <br />care of h:im,i'c was so ordered on motion by Trustee C.F8S1.escott <br />seconded by Cle-lk E .T .Edson, <br />0 <br />J <br />I99* hrs <br />200 @ <br />200; <br />1943 <br />4 200 x <br />395,s- ( 2082 ,187 ) <br />I78 <br />I78 <br />205 <br />S5I; <br />54 <br />24 days <br />$179.55 <br />175.05 <br />180.45 <br />180.45 <br />89.00 <br />80 ,IO <br />90.23 <br />92.25 <br />68.18 <br />24.30 <br />355895 <br />I20 .OO' $1635 .5~ ;.- <br />Ivpls .Cen.Electric GO. Street lights 40.83 <br />J +D aAdRIiS C 0 0 ##?.a3 2 Constable's billys 4.00 E ,T ,Eds on <br />F. 5 .Kokesh Buproi-&hs Adding Machine First payment 88.00 <br />Henne pin C 01x1 ty Fair. As s oc i at i on I922 donation 200.00 Bed for poor Boy 19.50 1,lpls ,Beddhg Go J ,F .Olinger ,C ons table Sen. 3..18iEL:& Elec . F .light, s erv 12.25 <br />Grader blade 2c 2 sha~es <br />Hardware ordered by Joy 6.60 <br />$39d .3;8 # 20 2%. /:9 Total for month ' <br />UO further b\nG$ne%s meeting adj.owa&d 57 GL+< <br />. Recorder